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Suitable match required for Brahmin Girl, D.O.B 13/02/1993, time of birth: 4:21 am, height 5’3″, (Graduate), Company Secretary (Post Graduate), Require Australian PR (office Job). Contact +91 94786 43638, 0452 238 613, 0451 519 211.

Looking suitable match for Jat Sikh Boy, non drinker, 1986 born 5’10” (issueless divorced) lives in Melbourne, own business, looking for a PR or Citizen Girl with family values. Call or text 0451 911 222.

Looking for a suitable Groom for my Sister Australian Citizen working as Primary School Educator (before after school), 1988 born, 5’4” issuelessely divorced, belongs to Sikh Saini family. She is very humble and family oriented, would prefer non-drinker, Citizen/PR Boy from Sikh family. Send Biodata on whatsapp +44 73853 45018.

Wanted Jat Sikh Boy only for Jat Sikh Girl 36 years old, holding AUS Tourist Visa, multiple entries, until Jan 2025. She is never married, has Ielts 8.5 bands with 8 each. Height 5’3”. She is in New Zealand at present on NZ Work Visa.  Email: [email protected] . Emails without biodata/photos won’t be accepted.

Groom required for my Sister Canadian PR (Goldsmith), 93 born, 5’2”, beautiful, divorced and currently here in Australia for 2 months. Contact 0447 179 383, 0406 019 494.

Seeking a clean shaven, Sikh Boy, preferably from Melbourne, with professional qualifications from Australia, as a suitable match for a beautiful, slim, 5’4″, 1994 Australian born, University Graduate, currently working within the Government sector. Caste no bar. Contact: [email protected]

PQM for issueless divorcee Jat Sikh Girl, Australian PR,  May 86 born, height 5’6″. Working part time in a law firm and shortly shall be registered as a Solicitor in NSW. Father retd defence officer. Family financially comfortable. Contact +91 98725 26645.

PQM for issueless Divorcee Hindu Khatri Girl born July 86. She is in Australia on Visitor Visa. She is vegetarian and religious Girl, did MA and PGDCA. Upper Hindu caste welcome for Alliance. contact on 0414 592 884. Boy should be either Permanent Resident or Citizen.

Alliance invited for a hard-working, pleasing personality Hindu Khatri Boy 1981 born, height 5’8″, Australian Citizen, divorced, having son living with his mother. Originally from New Delhi and now in Melbourne. With well settled business and living in own house with parents. Looking for simple Hindu / Sikh family-oriented Girl prefers to be PR/Australian. Contact 0459 390 267 or email: [email protected]

Looking suitable match for Jat Sikh Sandhu Boy Australian PR, born 15 Dec 1984, 6 ft. Divorced after short marriage (issueless). Family in Australia and looking for Girl living in Australia. WhatsApp +61 469 803 701.

Looking suitable match for 1989 born, Sikh Ghumiar (Prajapat) Girl, 5’3”,, currently in Australia on TR, basically from Amritsar. Two siblings, both settled in Australia. Preference to Boy currently in Australia. Contact 0415 361 431 or Watsapp +91 99990 16490.

Jat Sikh Boy 88 born, living in Sydney, seeking a family oriented Girl Australian Citizen, PR/TR or student Nurse (Divorcee considerable). Sister Australian Citizen and well settled. Whatsapp or call 0472 669 631.

Looking for an educated Australian Sikh PR Girl for Sikh Punjabi Turban handsome boy, 31 yrs, 5’10”, 6 acres land, vegetarian, living in Punjab, holding an Electrician degree. He has his own dog farm. One sister in Australia and one in India. Whatsapp or call on 0470 598 158.

Jat Sikh Australian Citizen, 1986 born, 5’7″ tall, looking for a suitable match, rest can be discussed later. Matches from Australia preferred. Call 0433 687 771.

Ramgarhia Sikh Boy 29, 5’6″, New Zealand, Citizen, good job in Auckland, family well settled in NZ. Looking for a suitable Girl in NZ or Australia. Visa status does not matter. Call +64 212 644 580.

Looking for a suitable match for a Jat, 1994 born, handsome, 6 feet tall Canadian PR Boy, working in transport and logistics. Seeking a family oriented Girl PR/TR in Australia only. Sister is Australian Citizen and relatives well settled in Australia too. Email: [email protected], PH: 0470 318 145.

Suitable match for required for Jat Sikh Boy, 6 feet tall,  born 1994, Radiographer, New Zealand Citizen moving to Australia shortly. Looking for Australian PR or Citizen Girl. Call 0480 109 156.

Seeking suitable match for Sikh (Kashyap Rajput) Boy 31yrs, 170cm, 8 years lab. Tech. experience and 7 bands in English language test. Currently in Australia on a Visitor Visa. Brother’s family is Australian Citizen (Doctor). They will support Boy’s career in Australia. Students will be considered too. Caste/Age – No Bar. Contact 0483 829 117, [email protected]

Seeking suitable match for Punjabi Sikh very decent, well mannered Graduate Boy 29yrs, 172cm. Brother and Sister Australian Citizens and very well settled. They both will help Boy to start significant business venture in Australia. Caste/Age – No Bar. Preferences to Melbourne and Perth. Contact 0450 530 613, [email protected]

Looking for a life partner for Australian Permanent Resident Gursikh Boy, April 1987 born, 5’4”, Melbourne based well settled, full time Mechanical job. Looking for a suitable Girl preferably in Australia on any Visa. Cast no bar. Call 0433 824 748.

Looking suitable match for Jat Sikh vegetarian Boy, 24 yrs, 6’1″ with amazing family values, good property in Punjab. Lives in Melbourne, Australia on Student Visa with Australian Citizen family members. Looking for an educated Girl either in Punjab with good bands in ielts or in Melbourne on Student Visa or permanent resident with family values. Call 0450 700 751.

Divorced USA Citizen 36yrs, 5’7”, Jat Sikh Boy who has completed B tech from India and project management from Canada is looking for a suitable Australian Citizen Girl with the good family values. Both my parents are retired USA permanent residents and have a younger brother who is Australian Citizen (married). Please contact us on 0436 301 775.

Looking for suitable match for Jat Sikh female widow (with one son who is living with Nanaka family), math, B.ed, PTE clear, 41 years old, 5’4, currently in Australia on Visitor Visa, planning to apply for Student Visa. Younger sister Citizen in Australia. Call 0430 900 846.

Looking for a life partner for Australian Citizen Jat Sikh Boy Nov 1988 born, 5’11”, Melbourne based well settled, owns a house, issueless divorced after 2 months marriage. Looking for a suitable Girl preferably in Australia on any Visa . Call or WhatsApp 0435 566 769.

Groom required for my Sister living in India 85 born 5’2” beautiful, innocently divorced after few days of marriage. Brother and sister are well settled in Australia. Boy Preferred to be in Australia. Call +91 95015 18662, 0430 780 002, what’s up call +64 273 221 305.

Looking suitable Bride for my younger Brother. We belong to Lubana Sikh family, he is 1992 born, height 5’11’’. Living in Melbourne on Student Visa from last 3 years. We are well settled family and have own business. First preference in Australia. Contact 0433 584 566 or [email protected]

Looking suitable match for Jat Sikh Sekhon Boy, non-drinker, 38 years 5’6” never married with good family from India. Looking for Australian any visa holder unmarried or divorced Girl (Brother is in Canada). Call 0432 711 335.

Looking suitable match for Jat Sikh non drinker Boy 1986 born, 6’1″ with good family values. He lives in Melbourne with his well settled family. Own business and own house Looking for PR or Citizen Girl with family values. Issueless divorced with no kids will also be considered. Call or text 0468 609 367.

Looking for a suitable match for Ramdasia weaver Sikh Boy, 1984 born, 5’5’’ and about to lodge TR, Never married. Girl preferred with Australian PR/TR/Student Visa. Elder brother is a well settled Australian Citizen. Contact: [email protected], 0434 347 660.

Parents seek Australian PR/Citizen, well settled Boy (divorcee considerable) for Australian PR, Ravidasia/weaver, 35yrs, 5’2”, very young looking, educated, slim, beautiful vegetarian Girl. Please send biodata and photo on WhatsApp +61 451 365 868.

Suitable match for handsome Sikh Kashyap Rajput Boy born Oct 92, 5’11”, B.Tech (E&C) from India & Master in IT from Australia Melbourne. Looking for Australian Citizen Girl, PR or Studying in Australia. No cast no bar. Call: 0469 357 836, email: [email protected]

Seeking smart, intelligent and tall Jat Sikh Boy for my lovely sister 1986 born, 5’6.5″, B.Tech in C.S.E from GNDU Regional Campus, Jalandhar, India. She worked at Wipro Technologies for 4 years then for US based company for 3 years. Presently Working as a Quality and System Assurance Analyst with a Prominent Australian Bank. We are Aulakh Jat Sikh Joint family from Amritsar. Father expired in 2013, Mother is housewife. We are three siblings, I am the youngest brother of two sisters, two of us married. All settled in Australia. Prefer Boy age between 32 to 35 only in Similar field or related from Australia or New Zealand. Contact: +61 481 828 282 or Whatsapp, email: [email protected]

Slim, good looking and vegetarian match required for October 1985 born, 5’ 9” Saraswat Brahmin, handsome Boy from Chandigarh. Completed MPA from Melbourne. Currently on TR and living with family (elder sister settled in Melbourne). Contact with recent photo and bio-data at: [email protected], WhatsApp: 0423 651 520.

Looking for a suitable match for Jat Boy 1989, 5’7”, very humble, responsible, non drinker, caste no bar. Studying in Hospitality, completed MA, B.ED from PU. Running own well established business in Sydney. Looking for a PR or TR Girl in Australia. Cousin Sister well settled in Australia. Call 0405 762 643.

Jat Sikh matches needed for Brother and Sister. Sister DOB 1980, fair complexion, 5’ 4” in height, finished studies last year, working full time. Looking for a PR Groom from a reputable Jat Sikh family. Brother Australian Citizen, DOB 1988, fair, 5′ 11” serves in the Australian army. Looking for a Bride from a reputable family. Please send your biodata on, [email protected] or contact on +61 477 068 155, +61 406 580 774.

Suitable Sikh/ Hindu match required for never married Sikh khatri Girl 1978 born in New Delhi, 5’4″, M.A., B.ED, Educational professional. Fluent in English, currently in India. Girl’s Uncle (Mamaji) is well settled and working in Sydney. Interested in relocating NZ or Australia. Call +91 95822 27099, 0406 902 311, email: [email protected]

Looking for a well educated Kamboj Sikh Girl (Australian or India; Punjab) for Australian PR Sikh Kamboj Boy, 6 ft tall, 30yrs, working full time in Melbourne, living with his well-settled family. Call or WhatsApp +61 470 260 171.

Suitable match for handsome Sarswat Brahmin Boy, 93 born, 5’11”, Australian Citizen, Masters in IT, running own business, well settled in Sydney. Preference for Australian PR/TR, Khatri also welcome. Call 0434 532 419, +91 98722 90377 (whatsapp only).

Looking for a family oriented Girl  for my Brother Jat Sikh, born 1984, 5’9”. Almost finishing his Automotive course and working in a workshop. All siblings in Australia and sister is Citizen and well settled.  Looking for PR TR or a Student Girl. Call 0432 673 909.

Looking for a genuine life partner for my cousin. He is well settled Australian Citizen, Jat Sikh, born 1990, height 6ft, based in Melbourne since 2009. Issueless Divorced after a very brief Marriage. Require only PR or Citizen Girl from Melbourne or someone who is willing to relocate. Call 0469 413 701.

Suitable match required for Australian Citizen Jat Sikh Boy Nov 1988, height 5’11”, owns house, well settled issueless divorcee within 2 months. Looking for Girl preferably in Australia on any Visa. Contact parents 0413 966 008, Boy 0435 566 769.

Looking for a suitable match for a Sikh Rajput Girl, June 1990 born, studied Masters in  IT, currently living in Melbourne. Prefer a Sikh Australian PR Boy with a professional job (e.g IT, Accounting, etc). Please contact at: [email protected]

Looking suitable match for beautiful Sikh Girl Ramgharia, widow with 1 kid, good family values, 1988, 5’4”, MBA, BCA, from Amritsar, India. Call +91 98882 33040, 0424 910 051.

Looking suitable match for Jat Sikh Girl 1988 born, 5’6” tall and beautiful with good family values, she lives in India (Ludhiana), she has completed in India. Call on +91 98553 05651.

Australia Citizen Jat Sikh Boy, born 1991,height 5’8”, running own business. Looking for simple Jat Sikh Girl prefer in Australia. Contact 0430 112 314, 0468 456 375 details msg only.

Looking suitable match for 1984 born, Australia Citizen, divorced issueless with no kids, height 5’6”. Please only contact PR or Citizen Girl, divorced one also welcome but with no kids please. Please text on WhatsApp 0413 340 688.

Seeking a PQM 4 Australian born Citizen (Saini/Jat), who is 5’7”, 34yrs & clean shaven. Non-vegetarian, a non-smoker and from a well mannered family background. Prefer Aust/NZ Citizens and general category also welcomed. If interested contact via WhatsApp- 0403 720 613 or email: [email protected]

Looking for a suitable match for Punjabi clean shaven Boy 1988 born. Height 5’9″, Very humble, responsible, non drinker and Caste no bar. Have completed D Pharmacy, runs and owns Pharmacy shop and IELTS Centre in Jagraon, Punjab. Looking for a PR Girl in Australia. Elder sister is well settled and Australian Citizen. Please call 0470 117 541 or email: [email protected]

Seeking well settled Australian PR/Citizen Boy for Australian PR, 34, 5’2”, educated, beautiful, never married Ravidasia Girl living in Melbourne. Issueless divorced can be considered. Call 0451 739 833.

Seeking a suitable match for 46 years old Sikh Khatri Boy, divorced, no Child, Self employed on bridging Visa. Preferred Australian PR/Citizen Girl. Contact 0422 812 939 or email: [email protected]

Australian Jat Sikh Gill family looking suitable match for their professionally qualified Daughter 27 y, 5’2″, working as senior manager in Australian public services. Prefers a professionally qualified Boy with a well-educated family from Australia. Send biodata with a recent photo on email:  [email protected] or WhatsApp +61 466 857 322.

I am 37y/o 5’11” tall Boy, honest, fear of GOD, I believe in good deeds. No alcohol. I m Citizen, Ramgharia caste. M. tech. Looking for Girl from Australia, New Zealand or India. I’m quite moderate/traditional, caste no bar. Rest we can discuss. Text or call on 0401 377 126.

Seeking match for well educated, handsome and humble turbaned Sikh, 1975 born, 6’2”, divorced, no children. Working with MNC in India and open to move to Australia. Looking for an educated partner who values relationships, Australian PR or citizen preferred. Two sisters, AU Citizens and well settled in Melbourne. Call 0424 634 192.

Looking for a suitable match for Jat Sikh Boy 1986, handsome, living in Australia on TR applied for PR. We are looking for a beautiful Jat Sikh Punjabi Girl. Call on 0425 028 786.

Parents invite match for Boy, 25 years old, 5’8” height  living in Melbourne, done his Registered Nursing, fair complexion, clean shave and working. Looking for Girl from Australia and with any Visa. Elder sister and brother Australian Citizen. Serious enquiries only with biodata on whatsapp or call on 0404 565 002.

Suitable match required for PQ Jat Sikh match for 5’7″, 36, beautiful, slim, Software Engineer Girl, working in Canada (PR), innocently divorced in few months. Willing to relocate as siblings are settled in Western Australia (Perth). Call 0484 898 007.

Suitable match required for Hindu khatri Guy 77 born (Looks younger). PR of Australia, living in Melbourne, 5 foot 5 inch height, well settled, innocent issueless divorcee, marriage lasted only 3 months. Contact: [email protected], Mobile: 0414 974 224.

Bride required for an Australian Citizen, 40 Yrs, 5’8”, issueless divorcee, Sikh Chawla, clean shaven, good looking Boy, settled in Brisbane, Bachelor of Information Technology from India. Looking for someone in Australia, Visitor/Student also considered, caste no bar.  Mob: 0420 464 729 or email: [email protected]

Looking for a suitable match for 1996 born, 6’, Kamboj Gursikh Boy living in India. He owns agricultural land and house in Haryana. We are looking for a Girl who is in Melbourne on Student Visa/PR/TR. Sister married & settled in Melbourne. Email biodata: [email protected] or call 0470 421 050.

Match required for a Gursikh Boy, Australian Citizen permanently employed in Melbourne, 1993 born, 5’11″, Bachelors of Engineering and Business & Finance (Melbourne). Humble, Responsible, Non-drinker. Well-educated family. Caste no bar. Please call 0493 240 869 Email details to: [email protected]

Seeking a suitable match for Australian Citizen, convent educated, very fair, handsome, clean-shaven Ramgarhia Boy, Dec 1985 born, 5’7″, issueless short-term divorce, non smoker, non drinker, working with Local Government in Sydney. Completed D.Pharmacy in India and pursuing online Bsc. Nursing in NSW for Feb 2022 intake. Caste no bar. Please call or Watsapp +61 431 316 966 or +91 95925 73202.

Life partner required for well settled Male, New Zealand Citizen, age 53, 5’10″, divorced. Done Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Graduate Diploma of Teaching, working for Royal New Zealand Navy as an instructor officer. Caste no bar. Willing to shift to Australia permanently. Call: +64 226 982 802 or whatsapp email. [email protected]

Seeking a suitable Ramgharia Gursikh Sikh Boy, preferably living in Australia TR/PR/Citizen for our educated Girl, 1992 born, 5 feet, studied BDS from India, MPA from Australia, in Brisbane currently on work visa. Father Businessman in India, younger brother Australian PR. Contact: 0406 051 513.

Seeking suitable match for Ravidasia Sikh Boy, Oct 1984, 5’7″, divorcee (previous marriage lasted for less than a month), Australian Citizen, working as Vocational Education Teacher and pursuing Post Graduation in Biotechnology. Call / whatsapp on  +61 432 177 285.

Looking suitable match for Jat Sikh Girl 1986 born, 5’5″ with good family values. She lives in Sydney with her family. Looking for PR or Citizen Jat Sikh Boy who lives in Australia. Call 0451 418 009.

Looking for a well educated Girl for Jat handsome Boy 30 years old, 6ft, divorced, living in Melbourne. Full time working as a painter, well settled, caring, kind, and sincere. Two sisters settled in Australia,12 acre land in India. Cast no bar. Call 0402 939 881.

Looking suitable match for Jat Sikh 1997 born Australian PR, handsome, educated Boy 5’10”. Whole family PR and settled in Melbourne. Well known reputed family background from Patiala Punjab and own good business and property in Punjab. Also own a business in Australia. Looking for an educated and well personalited Girl from a reputed family prefers living in Australia. WhatsApp message Pls +91 93162 00033, call or text +61 481 905 049.

Looking suitable match for Goldsmith Girl 48, Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Certificate IV in Disability, Cert III Individual Support, presently residing in Australia on Student Visa, one Brother & one Sister in Australia. Contact 0426 280 097, email: [email protected]

Australian Citizen Sikh Khatri Boy, age 32, 5’6″, own business in Melbourne, awaiting divorce, one four year old son living together, well settled family from Australia. Looking for Suitable match only from Australia. I am only interested in consistency, Stability and loyalty. Call 0484 653 258.