Aries (Mesh) – AUGUST 2018 – Predictions 

Lights, camera, Aries! This month is threaded with flamboyance and fun as the Sun burns a fiery trail through passionate Leo and your lusty, live-out-loud fifth house until August 23. This is one of your high-energy cycles (because Leo is a fellow fire sign) and a time when you’re at your creative best. Think of the ripeness of late summer, when everything is bursting with riotous colors and life force energy. That’s you right now. And if it isn’t, throw on something vibrant and get out of the damn house, stat!

With the Sun in this romantic part of your chart, there will be plenty of admirers hankering for a taste, especially at the August 11 Leo solar (new moon) eclipse, which will activate this same feisty and fecund zone. Eclipses bring plot twists and unexpected events, and since this one accompanies a new moon of beginnings, it could open a fresh, bold chapter. This month’s Leo eclipse could bring a new love interest, reawakened mojo or even a pregnancy. You might also get a sudden burst of fame or unexpected recognition for your talents.

This is the second-to-last eclipse in a potent series that’s been dropping down on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017, recalibrating your approach to love, friendship, self-expression and teamwork. You’ve experimented with the spotlight and creatively collaborated, plus learned a few harsh lessons about love. The very last eclipse will arrive on January 21, 2019, a Leo lunar eclipse that will bring this month’s (and the last two years’) developments to a grand finale.

It’s also the third and final eclipse of this summer, and you may still be riding the waves of change from the previous two: the July 12 Cancer solar eclipse, which activated your home and family sector, and the July 27 total lunar eclipse in Aquarius and your teamwork zone. Since the impact of eclipses can resonate for months, your living situation or social circle could be taking a new shape as August progresses!

While it all sounds exciting, there’s one big obstacle to navigate, and that’s communication planet Mercury, which is retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 27. Drama and diva antics can flare up fast, and you may need to dodge a few outsized egos. Careful that your own confidence doesn’t veer into cockiness, or that boldness doesn’t tip into brashness. It’s all too easy to miss the mark with your messaging as quicksilver Mercury runs roughshod over technology, travel and interpersonal affairs. Since Mercury retrograde can bring back people from the past, an ex or an old temptation could resurface; but is the (possible) thrill of a steamy reunion worth turning your life upside-down? Only you can say—but take adequate measures to protect yourself on all levels if you do go there.

Your ruling planet, Mars, is also in the midst of a biennial two-month retrograde from June 26 to August 27, which could further jam the signals. Mars has been reversing through Aquarius and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, indicating stressful scuffles with friends and some possible misfires with online connections, from dating to work.

On August 12, Mars will back into Capricorn and your tenth house of career and authority figures. You may need to work through some frustrations at your job, with a client or upper management. A fast-moving project could feel blocked or delayed; use the next couple weeks to put out fires and fix any glaring issues—or to do important behind-the-scenes work instead of rushing to launch. That way, you’ll be uber-prepared in September. If nobody’s answering your calls or responding to your proposal, you might just want to use those vacation days and recharge your own batteries.

A few days prior, on August 7, disruptor Uranus will start its annual five-month retrograde. Fluctuating finances have been par for the course since Uranus entered Taurus on May 15, bringing exciting if erratic energy to your second house of work, money and daily routines. Uranus only comes here every 84 years, so it’s been a lot to process! As the side-spinning planet turns retrograde until January 7, 2019, step back and get a handle on your budget and bills. Risky undertakings or radical career changes might need to be temporarily delayed.

You’ll be glad you paused, because from November 6, 2018 until March 6, 2019, Uranus will back into Aries for one final trip, not to return again in this lifetime. You’ll have one last opportunity to make a major change or leave your trailblazing stamp on something authentically “you.” In hindsight, you’ll be grateful you didn’t rush to settle into anything binding. When Uranus moves out of your sign next March, you’ll have one final round of soul-searching and identity-crafting under your belt, better positioning you to make some pioneering money moves!

The scattered energy starts to gel during the last week of August. Mercury ends its signal-scrambling retrograde on August 19, and then the Sun settles into earthy Virgo for four weeks on August 23, powering up your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. You’ll have the urge to corral all the disparate pieces of your life—and your bountiful creative ideas—into something cohesive. After a decadent month, Virgo season can help you put a fall fitness plan together or start making seasonal produce a staple of your meals. The late-summer bounty will give you plenty of colorful and delicious options.

On August 25, all signs get a booster shot of luck as the Sun and structured Saturn and innovator Uranus form a grand trine—an equilateral “golden triangle” that’s one of astrology’s most auspicious aspects. As these three luminaries unite in perfect harmony, you might experience a major breakthrough around career and money. A lucrative long-term opportunity could have serious staying power if you play your cards right.

Ideally, the work should be something that lights you up, pays well AND gives you a chance to be the pioneering trendsetter that you are. With serious Saturn in the mix, you and all parties involved need to be operate with sterling integrity from start to finish: promises that are kept, clear deadlines and a solid understanding of expectations on all sides. If something doesn’t check all the boxes, it’s fine to say “no” and pass. You’re clearing the way for the perfect fit, Aries. With the bold Sun and unconventional Uranus teamed up, you might just find it in an unexpected way. Be proactive; don’t just wait for something to land in your lap, even though there’s a good chance it might.

The next day, on August 26, the year’s only Pisces full moon illuminates your twelfth house of healing, closure and transitions. These potent moonbeams will stir your subconscious and point you to your deepest truth. You’ll know whether it’s time to stay or go; and if you’re being held back by fears, la luna can embolden you. Both the twelfth house AND full moons signify endings, so in some way, a chapter or cycle is completing, making way for the new.

That next step could reveal itself quickly because on August 27, your ruling planet, ambitious Mars, ends its two-month retrograde and rockets ahead through Capricorn and your tenth house of long-term goals. Your career or a name-in-lights project could accelerate swiftly. Get ready to step into a leadership role and steer this venture to victory! Stressful in-fighting and workplace tension could dissipate. Leave any petty bickering behind you. With Mars heating up your most successful and collaborative sectors until November 15, the only way to go is forward—and up!


On August 6, amorous Venus enters Libra for the first of two trips this year, bringing her romantic touch to your seventh house of committed relationships. For couples, this could be a beautiful time to get back in sync. Single? A connection could move quickly toward long-term status. But there’s no need to rush into an insta-engagement—apparently summer’s hot celeb trend thanks to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Looking ahead, Venus will be retrograde (backward) in your partnership realm from October 31 to November 16. Issues you’ve managed to sidestep could come inescapably up in your union, or a budding relationship may hit a speed bump. This doesn’t mean jump ship; just be patient—and talk things out in a dispassionate and diplomatic way.

The fact that the other love planet, impatient Mars, is also retrograde—from June 26 to August 27—doesn’t mitigate matters. It’s been back-spinning through Aquarius and your social eleventh house, but on August 12, it’ll reverse into Capricorn for the duration of the pivot. In your tenth house of long-range planning, this could lead to confusion or disagreements about a shared future. Tempers may flare and fuses will be short, but try to see past the momentary disagreements (and certainly don’t be the one to instigate them!).

On August 7, Venus and Mars form a rare, harmonious trine, merging their energies and making for one of the year’s most love-centric dates. With Mars in reverse, things could shift directions suddenly or dramatically. A platonic friend could veer into the lover’s lane, or you might be able to take a giant step back and see a nagging issue from a fresh and enlightening perspective. This is one of the best days of the month for couples to do something fun together, perhaps revisiting a favorite pastime or hosting a party together.

More surprises are on the horizon this month, with messenger Mercury also retrograde in Leo and your fifth house of passion. There’s a galvanizing Leo solar eclipse here on August 11, which could point to an unanticipated romantic prospect or lead to an unexpected second chance with someone from your past. A pregnancy is possible for some Aries at this eclipse, or in the coming six months.

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

Slow your roll! While YOU may be feeling it, it’s possible that your love interest isn’t on the same page—or even reading the same book about the future. This cosmic yellow light urges caution. Before you go in any deeper, hit “pause” and discuss your long-term goals and desires. Chances are, you’ll probably both need to compromise.


A creative month is in store with the Sun moving through Leo and your expressive fifth house until August 23, powered by a rare Leo solar eclipse on August 11. You could have the opportunity to put your unique stamp on something or attract fame; but be careful where you wield that star power: with communication and tech planet Mercury retrograde (backward) in Leo until August 19, you’re at risk of coming across as brash or cocky. Run those risque social media posts by an honest, sensible friend before you press “publish” to make sure you don’t cross a line. If you’re feeling stressed, pick up an old creative or DIY practice—while channeling the muse, you could have some of your best ideas!

In between, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect on monetary matters. On August 7, unpredictable Uranus starts a five-month retrograde backspin, a time to corral anything that’s gotten a little too “all over the place”. Until November 6, Uranus will reverse through Taurus and your second house of work and money, helping you evaluate your earning and savings plans, and figure out some innovative ways to grow that nest egg. Need to supplement with a side hustle? You might go back to an old employer for a short-term contract or reconnect with a former freelance client.

Your ruling planet Mars is also retrograde from June 26 until August 27. It’s been in Aquarius, adding friction to your collaboration zone and making it hard to get the team on the same page. On August 12, Mars will back into Capricorn for the duration, adding some uncomfortable heat to your tenth house of career and authority figures. Pace yourself around any grand-slam goals—do you really have the right setup in place to pull this off? If not, slow down and build the infrastructure that will make this sustainable for the long haul, not just a short-term coup. You want more than bragging rights, Aries (although they’re certainly an incentive!). Think beyond the immediate and craft a master plan that can’t be messed with!

Key Dates:
August 2: Mars-Uranus square

Teamwork might prove challenging under this edgy angle. Competing egos threaten to undermine a project. Be prepared to grab the reins and switch gears at a moment’s notice. The trick to keeping everyone calm is staying flexible and not overreacting to the dissenters.

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 11, 15
Money Days: 4, 22
Luck Days: 1, 19
Off Days: 12, 17, 26

TAURUS (Vrishab) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

There have been quantum changes in your life over the last couple months, Taurus—or at least, you have the sense that things are being rearranged on some grander scale. From uncomfortable to exciting to unsettling, this shift from potential to kinetic energy is part of a long process that’s happening from May 15, 2018, until April 2026 as revolutionizer Uranus visits your sign for the first time since 1942. Uranus takes 84 years to return to each sign, and this once-in-a-lifetime visit is an opportunity to radically reinvent everything from your lifestyle to your appearance to your attitude.

Whew! If you need a minute to take it all in, you’ll get it—and then some! On August 7, Uranus begins its annual five-month retrograde until January 7, 2019. You’ll get a chance to slow down and review, especially when Uranus backs into Aries, activating your twelfth house of closure for its last hurrah this century. While you might be a little frustrated by some stalled progress, this could prove to be a blessing in disguise. It’s an opportunity to confront any complex patterns and relationships and to heal addictions that are keeping you stuck.

As a creature of habit, you tend to tread the same well-worn paths, but those roads keep sending you to the same old places. Been there, done that! Stare any deep-seated fears in the eye, perhaps with the help of a pro, and begin clearing the blocks before Uranus settles into Taurus for a seven-year run in March 2019. You’ll want nothing to stand in the way of your awesome ascent—least of all your own baggage and blind spots.

August provides the occasion to relax and reflect as the Sun travels through Leo and your nurturing fourth house of home and family until August 23. Nesting and connecting with your crew feeds your soul during this homey solar season. Intimate dinner parties, air-conditioned movie nights, trips to an uncrowded beach where you can nap in the sand for hours: Hello, bliss! Take plenty of time for self-care, and keep your space serene.

This is especially important since Mercury, the planet of communication, travel and technology, will be retrograde in Leo from July 26 until August 19. During this wire-crossing backspin, old family feuds could flare, or you might experience friction with a relative or roommate. If you’re visiting loved ones, book a hotel or Airbnb, even if there’s “tons of room” at their place. During Mercury retrograde, it’s always best to have a backup plan. While this time is ripe for reunions, don’t be too quick to volunteer YOUR sleeper sofa or guest room to anyone. Make sure you’ve actually got time to host—and that the visitors are truly self-sufficient people who don’t expect white-glove service. If you’re moving or changing your home, Mercury could cause complications or slowdowns, so read the fine print!

Now that you’re clear on the precautions, get ready: A rare Leo partial solar (new moon) eclipse is arriving on August 11. Ready or not, your living situation or family structure could change, possibly without notice. Some Bulls could hear about a sweet deal on a property—and you’ll need to pounce instead of taking your usual “slow and sensible” approach. A female relative, perhaps your mother, could be involved in events near this eclipse. This is the penultimate eclipse in a series on the Leo/Aquarius axis that’s been transforming your home and career sectors since February 2017. It’s the prelude to a grand finale on January 21, 2019, so it may take until then for things to completely settle or reveal themselves. But if you reflect on the past two years, you’ll see how much you’ve grown—and maybe even radically changed—around home, family, career or work-life balance.

You may still be reeling from July’s two eclipses, especially the Aquarius total lunar (full moon) eclipse on July 27 that rocked your tenth house of professional ambition and long-term goals. This “awakening” put you in touch with what you truly need to feel fulfilled. Eclipses demand that we transform any parts of our lives that don’t work…and if we don’t, they’ll do it for us. For some Bulls, a job may have been eclipsed away—perhaps your company announced a restructuring, or a key colleague suddenly exited. Maybe you were offered a promotion or a leadership opportunity or a new position altogether. Resistance is futile—and a waste of energy—since something much better is on its way!

The last week of August takes a turn for the playful as the Sun enters Virgo and your fifth house of love, passion and self-expression for a month on August 23. Emerge from that cozy cocoon and start making audacious moves. If you’ve been off the grid, post some vacation pics or glam up and film an Instagram Story. Make up for lost social time and go paint the town crimson while your joie de vivre is at peak levels.

One of the month’s luckiest dates is August 25, when the Sun, structured Saturn and innovator Uranus form a rare grand trine—an equilateral “golden triangle” that’s one of astrology’s most auspicious aspects. As these three luminaries harmonize in earth signs, you get a triple shot of courage, assertiveness and head-turning fierceness. Presto, change-o: You could step out of a salon (or out of the metaphorical shadows) and be totally unrecognizable—yet indubitable. If you’ve been wanting to take a bold risk, you’ll get the guts to quit deliberating and actually DO it. Thanks to Saturn in your expansive ninth house, it could involve a life-changing vacation, going back to school, publishing your work or launching a startup biz. With Uranus and Saturn both retrograde, you may feel a pull toward the past. Did you start a project in one of these areas and set it on the back burner? Things could pick up speed now.

You don’t have to do this alone, either. On August 26, the year’s only Pisces full moon illuminates your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, giving you serious collaboration mojo. It’s an amazing day for networking, communing with kindred spirits or kicking off a cutting-edge joint project. You could be celebrating a group victory or gathering with your most vibrant and forward-thinking friends. With Mercury retrograde safely in the rearview from August 19 on, this could be a great date to launch a digital venture or viral social media campaign. The next day (August 27), ambitious Mars ends a two-month retrograde that slowed your goals. The cosmos will be waving that metaphorical red cape at you by the time the month ends, so get ready to charge after something that sets your heart and soul on fire.


Self-care is sexy! On August 6, amorous Venus parades into Libra and your sixth house of wellness and service for the first of two trips this year, putting you in the mood to nurture yourself (and a lucky plus-one). Tackling a life-improvement mission or a project, like adopting a pet or redoing part of your home, could bring you closer. Single Bulls could meet someone through healthy pursuits, volunteering or even while running errands. There’s some incentive to stop procrastinating on your to-do list!

Heads up: This is the first of Venus’ two trips through Libra this year, thanks to a retrograde through this sign from October 31 to November 16. Plan ahead to avoid any stressful meltdowns later in the year. Be careful not to treat your mate like a fixer-upper, or to get overly involved in trying to help or change them. That could backfire during Round Two of this Venus transit, especially if you feel resentful or used. Maybe part of the lesson is to focus on yourself and things you can control, like getting healthier and treating yourself with the same kindness that you extend to others.

Under the Leo eclipse on August 11—and with Mercury retrograde alongside it in Leo and your domestic quarters until August 19—you have a perfect opportunity to “indulge” in some self-nurturing and maybe even catch up on your beauty sleep! If you’re newly dating or considering living with your partner, follow some Feng Shui principles to make your home more of a love den.

Meantime, the other love planet, fiery Mars, is retrograde from June 26 to August 27. Because this reversal had been taking place in Aquarius and your future-oriented tenth house, some big plans may have slowed down, or you may have been quarreling about shared goals. But once it backs into Capricorn on August 12 (for the duration of the retrograde), put the disagreements on ice and pursue something you enjoy doing together, like a favorite outdoor activity or returning to a cherished vacation spot. If things have been a little too close for comfort, bring some breathing room into the relationship—just enough so you don’t feel like you’re suffocating.

August 7 is a great day to peacefully hash things out if you’ve been feuding. With Venus in peacemaker Libra harmonizing with Mars in practical earth houses, you’ll be able to talk calmly and rationally. Show you’re willing to compromise, and your mate or love interest may be inspired to do the same. Plan a date somewhere beautiful and upscale, but also natural. Think: a farm-to-table restaurant with a chef’s tasting menu or an exclusive vineyard tour.

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

You may realize that a new relationship is moving too fast or that you’ve been leading someone on. Or you might experience the eye-opening awareness that your new “love interest” isn’t that interested at all. Saturn can help you make the necessary adjustments, including hitting the gas if you’ve been going under the speed limit.


Is it time to cash in a few vacation days? The cosmic influence of August will skew heavily toward home, family and fun, as the Sun travels through Leo and your domestic sector until August 23, and after that into your pleasure and playfulness zone when it takes a four-week plunge into Virgo. Make time for enjoyment and pampering before summer wraps up. September and October will be bustling months for you, so stop now to refill your tanks.

On top of that, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus (in Taurus), Neptune AND Pluto are all retrograde for most if not all of the month. With so many planets in this slowed-down position, August is best used to reflect and inspect. Avoid hasty moves—which aren’t really a Taurus thing anyway—and conduct your due diligence. Sleep on any big decisions that you don’t feel totally confident about, preferably under a big beach umbrella with your toes in the sand!

Career stuff has been all over the map ever since go-getter Mars turned retrograde in Aquarius and your tenth house of success on June 26, a biennial backslide that lasts for two months. Tension and crossed wires may have flared up at work, or you could be waiting rather impatiently for a decision maker to give you the green light. Thanks to a July 27 Aquarius lunar eclipse, things could be even topsy-turvier in your professional life. A project could be especially demanding or challenging, ratcheting up stress levels or causing you to procrastinate while obsessively fretting. All the more reason to take little self-care breaks in between marathon sessions!

You might want to tap a mentor or brush up your skills with a course, especially once Mars backs into Capricorn and your expansive ninth house on August 12 for the duration of its retrograde, which ends on August 27. Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew, as you’re at risk for over-promising and under-delivering. Pace yourself: Mars will rocket through Capricorn and Aquarius for a second, retrograde-free trip from August 27 to November 15, which will catalyze anything that got slowed down. You’ll be glad you did your research and refueled because things could start moving at warp speed!

Key Dates:
August 2: Mars-Uranus square

You might not be in sync with a team under this “rugged individualist” angle of ego-tripping Mars and hotheaded Uranus. You could feel threatened by a person who comes on too strong and doesn’t listen to anyone. (Or maybe you’re the one acting that way?) Try to stay flexible—though under these volatile skies, that’s way easier said than done.

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 12, 17
Money Days: 6, 24
Luck Days: 4, 22
Off Days: 1, 15, 19

GEMINI (Mithun) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

Summer hits a high note for you this August, Gemini. After a hardworking July that possibly brought financial or career fluctuations, you’re ready to relax and have some fun with your favorite people. The Sun is in Leo until August 23, heating up your third house of communication and community—which is the zodiac zone associated with Gemini. You’re in your element as you explore cultural curiosities and hit local hotspots for hours of conversation with friends both old and new. With your mind hungry for stimulation, it’s a great time to devour books and blogs or binge on a few new series before the fall TV lineup arrives.

Your own message could get out to the masses starting on August 11, when a rare Leo solar (new moon) eclipse ignites your expressive third house. If you’re a writer, teacher or media maker, this galvanizing eclipse boosts your creativity, brings a vibrant meeting of the minds and sparks game-changing conversations. Between now and January, when the corresponding Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse hits, your ideas could go viral in unexpected ways. You may have an opportunity to pitch a pioneering project or see your name in lights (or print). This eclipse could also bring in a kindred spirit type, someone whose skills complement yours to a tee. The dynamic duo of your (#twinning) Gemini dreams might be in the making!

But choose your projects and partners with care because your ruling planet, Mercury is retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19, which could throw your normally spot-on GPS off. Mercury rules communication, technology and travel, and all of these areas can go seriously haywire as the messenger planet reverses course through your interpersonal third house. If you’re not 100 percent ready for any big debuts or announcements, hold off on the splashy launch till the end of August or even September.

Either way, some soul-searching is in order, so make space to go within. On August 7, radical changemaker Uranus will slip back into its annual five-month retrograde, reversing through your reflective and healing twelfth house until November 6 and then backing into your eleventh house of group action until it straightens out on January 6, 2019. Uranus has been in Taurus and your twelfth house of closure since May 15, an occurrence that only happens every 84 years. You’ve gotten a powerful look at some part of your life that may have reached its expiration point, or a natural time of transition.

For the rest of the year, you’ll need to take a conscious step back from turbulent ties, codependent connections and self-sabotaging situations. (Feel free to make it a permanent one!) This is a powerful time for meditation and spiritual work as revolutionary Uranus plumbs the depths of your psyche and loosens up those energetic blocks. It turns out, Gemini, that your clever mind doesn’t always have the solution to problems and that you can’t talk yourself out of every situation—and that’s actually a good thing. You have an opportunity now to slow down and get more in touch with your inner knowing. Let the answers arrive through intuition and divine intervention and give your overtaxed brain a rest. If you’ve lapsed into a codependent dynamic or addictive patterns, the rest of the year could be fruitful for recovery work. Back off from anything (or anyone) that doesn’t feed your soul.

With intensifier Mars retrograde from June 26 to August 27, there’s even more reason to slow down, especially once the red planet slips into Capricorn and your introspective eighth house on August 12. Focus your attention on a detailed project or a complex emotional matter and tune out all distractions.

The urge to downshift starts August 23, when the Sun kicks off its annual four-week visit to Virgo and your fourth house of home, family and self-care. After a social whirlwind, you’re ready to relax and rejuvenate. Go visit relatives or head to a nostalgic summer vacation spot. Feather your nest and host intimate dinners at Chateau Gemini. Book a much-needed massage or skip a few nights out so you can wake up early for yoga class.

On August 25, the Sun will form a rare and auspicious grand trine with structured Saturn and innovator Uranus. As these three luminaries harmonize in the most emotional parts of your chart, you could have a major breakthrough around forgiveness. Saturn is in your intimate eighth house, and Uranus is in you healing twelfth, and the fact that both planets are retrograde suggests that you’ve been carrying a heavy energetic load for quite a while. The courageous Sun gives you the strength to unburden yourself. Are you judging someone by holding the past over their heads? While you may think this protects you in some way, it actually keeps YOU stuck in a toxic cloud of anger, pain and resentment. Free yourself from this emotional cage by choosing empathy over anger. It doesn’t mean you’re saying it’s okay. You’re simply refusing to drag that baggage around or allow it to interrupt your joy.

While much of this month is focused on friends and family, there’s one day when you can really lean in to your professional goals. On August 26, the year’s only Pisces full moon illuminates your tenth house of career and success. A project you’ve been working on for the past six months could reach a turning point: You might switch paths or celebrate a victory. You could be offered a leadership position or a promotion. The tenth house rules men and fathers, and events with a key male could be focal now. With straight-talking Mars ending its two-month retrograde the next day, you could finally get a chance to clear the air with some honest and direct dialogue.


Summer heat! On August 6, Venus sashays into Libra and your lusty, passionate fifth house for the first of two trips this year. A budding romance could consummate into a full-on affair and couples could feel that sexy mojo blossoming again.

This amorous transit comes with an advisory sticker though, since the shimmering love planet will be spinning retrograde from October 31 to November 16. This could serve to pull the emergency brake on a relationship that’s been gaining speed, or to dredge up old issues in long-standing partnerships. It’s not the best time for seeing eye to eye, so plan in advance for any possible drama by addressing any brewing conflict NOW.

On the other side of your chart, red-blooded Mars has been retrograde since June 26 and will continue to drive in reverse until August 27. To date, this backstroking has been happening in Aquarius and your outspoken ninth house, rousing some heated debates—which may have been eye-opening and even important moments to clear the air. But with the planet of conflict in reverse, you may have had disagreements about anything from philosophical beliefs to where to take a vacation.

Then, on August 12, Mars will dip back into Capricorn for the duration of the retrograde, heating up your eighth house of sexuality and intense emotions. Old trust issues or resentments could resurface, and anything you’ve been sweeping under the carpet, like strong attractions or out-and-out betrayals, may leap onto the main stage now and have to be dealt with. An irresistible ex—that one with the edge of danger who leaves you blinded by lust—could creep back around. Proceed with caution!

One nice break in the action comes on August 7, when Venus and Mars form a rare harmonious trine. Set aside your differences and do something together to strengthen the cement of your bond. If you’re single, this is a great 24-hour cycle to put yourself out there or give a sincere love interest a chance. You could be attracted to someone wildly different than your usual “type” or plan a thrilling activity that’s far out of your comfort zone, like camping or ziplining. Nothing like getting your blood pumping with the spirit of adventure to revive that sexy charge. Keep an open mind and your heart will follow suit.

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

You may feel conflicted in your love life under this uneasy face-off. The Venus side wants to flirt and reveal your true feelings, but cautious Saturn is pulling back on the reins—hard. Ask yourself: What’s the best and most honest way to get your romantic needs met?


Put those ideas out there, Gemini—or at least test-pilot them. The Sun is in Leo and your expressive third house until August 23, giving you the gift of gab. But there could also be some gaffes, since your ruling planet, articulate Mercury, will be retrograde until August 19, which could leave you tongue-tied or flustered around the facts. Make sure you’ve got your numbers and data straight before you make any pitches. When in doubt, leave it out! If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, computer or other electronic devices, wait until Mercury straightens out—or if you can’t, invest the extra few bucks for a full warranty. Mercury retrograde is notorious for messing with technology. Save your work often and, if possible, to the cloud, since valuable work could be erased by Mercury’s meddling.

An opportunity to share your ideas could arrive at the August 11 Leo solar eclipse. Conversations and synergies that spark up now can really blossom between now and the January 21, 2019 Leo lunar eclipse; and it could happen as soon as the August 26 Pisces full moon, which heats up your ambitious tenth house and might put you in front of some heavy hitters. Get ready: You could be pitching to a well-connected VIP before the month is out.

Keep closer tabs on your spending from August 12 to 27, when retrograde Mars backs out of Aquarius and into Capricorn, putting stress on your eighth house of lump sums, real estate and investments. Don’t let anyone pressure you into making a deposit or co-signing for a loan—or joining forces in any way that doesn’t feel 100 percent comfortable. Someone might present a “now or never” opportunity, but no good deals were ever made under intense duress. If they really want you, they’ll give you the time you need to research this thoroughly. Think long-term, and don’t make hasty, emotion-driven moves.

Key Dates:
August 2: Mars-Uranus square

It’s hard to “expect” the unexpected, but under today’s wildly unpredictable skies, that’s the only way to roll. The good news for you is that this cosmic clash will shake up your imagination—in a good way. Trust ideas that come from out of the blue. These cosmic downloads are definitely worth exploring.

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 15, 19
Money Days: 26, 9
Luck Days: 6, 24
Off Days: 4, 17, 22

CANCER (Kark) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

Get it done, Cancer! August’s stars favor the practical and productive as the Sun moves through Leo and your methodical second house until August 23. You’ve just wrapped up birthday season—a supercharged one for many Crabs since it featured a July 12 solar eclipse in YOUR sign, the first one since 2011. After the lightning-bolt epiphanies this lunar event delivered, you may be awash in exciting new ideas and plans. A July 27 Aquarius total lunar (full moon) eclipse brought out some intense emotions and revealed some powerful players who could open doors or join forces with you for mutual gain.

Now, how will you fashion those insights into something real? This month helps you start to hash that out. Another solar eclipse arrives in Leo and this same security-seeking sector on August 11, giving you a big push forward on your path. Since this one is a new moon, it could bring a surprising job offer, a money-making idea or the motivation to make some lifestyle changes.

This is the second-to-last eclipse in a series that’s been landing on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017, shaking up your approach to money, power, career, habits and intimate relationships. Over the past two years, you may have completely altered your daily routine, moved into a new line of work or make some modifications in a few close relationship. This was all designed to help you step into a role that suits you. It hasn’t been comfortable (eclipse energy rarely is), but you’ve learned so much about what you will and won’t put up with. One final Leo eclipse on January 21, 2019 will wrap up this series, with the goal of leaving you in a stronger position financially and emotionally.

The second house rules self-worth, so it begins with valuing yourself enough to say “no” to something that’s not a vibrational match for your time, talent and energy. Cut the caretaking and put firm boundaries in place, as hard as that may be to do. We all deserve respect, Cancer, but sometimes you have to command it by showing people that you mean business!

That could be a bit of a process because Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19, which could stir up conflict at work or scramble signals with a money move. Keep a close eye on your budget, scrutinize statements for erroneous charges and insist on crystal-clear communication with colleagues and clients. Even then, check in regularly to make sure everyone fully understands their roles and responsibilities. During Mercury retrograde, you can’t be too careful! And with intensifier Mars also retrograde in your interpersonal sectors from June 26 to August 27, you may need to spell things out in no uncertain terms, even if discussions get a little heated.

Shifting alliances could also be on the radar starting August 7 as changemaker Uranus reverses into its annual five-month retrograde, prompting an audit of Team Crab between now and January 6. It all began on May 15, when Uranus entered Taurus for the first time since 1942, starting an on-and-off visit that will last until April 2026. The side-spinning planet brought its radical touch to your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, perhaps sparking an exciting group effort. Some Cancers could have connected with a cutting-edge crew or ramped up their online presence. With Uranus powering down, certain friendships might fluctuate, or you may decide to downgrade a collaboration. Are you really in sync with these people, or did you just get swept up in the novelty and excitement? On November 6, Uranus will back into Aries and your tenth house of career—its last spin through here this century. Use the rest of the year to refine and define your goals and big plans. Next March, you’ll be ready to officially launch!

Lightness returns on August 23, when the Sun enters Virgo and your social third house for a month. After a busy and hardworking Leo season—with retrograde drama to boot—you’re ready to let your hair down. Now you’ve got cosmic permission to mix and mingle, enjoying low-key local hangouts, day trips to the beach and culture-vulture outings. Check out that food festival or have a picnic with your friends at a free outdoor concert.

One of the best days this month arrives on August 25, when the Virgo Sun forms a rare grand trine to structured Saturn and innovative Uranus, harmonizing the relationship sectors of your chart. Couples, teams and business partners can get easily in sync; this day could bring a breakthrough conversation or meeting in which you all contribute your talents to the greater mission. You’ll truly get the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Identify any weak links and strengthen or correct them. You could join forces with some forward thinkers on a world-bettering project, or you might meet a kindred spirit and spark like wildfire. With spontaneous Uranus and serious Saturn involved, things could materialize fast—and since both planets are retrograde, a person from your past could be involved, perhaps making a life-changing introduction.

The next day, August 26, brings the year’s only Pisces full moon, which ignites your visionary and expansive ninth house. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to take a leap of faith, this is it. Plans involving travel, study or entrepreneurship could take flight; or you might see a tough situation in a whole new—optimistic!—light. Give up the struggle, Cancer; it’s only bringing YOU down. Set your sights on what’s ahead and be proactive. Risk yields reward now, so take that leap of faith!


On August 6, gracious and affectionate Venus beams into Libra and your domesticity zone for the first of two trips this year, making you into quite the sentimental Crab. Your heartstrings are easily tugged, but you don’t mind one bit. Cozying up at home, exchanging keys or even talking babies equals bliss for you now. With Venus in this sector of your chart, you may be feeling more nostalgic and emotional than usual, eager to take a big step with your partner, like meeting each other’s families.

You can’t rush intimacy, though, so stay attuned to their feelings and don’t push. Let them know what’s in your heart, but stay sensitive to any resistance they might be feeling. On top of that, Venus will be retrograde from October 31 to November 16. Just as a budding relationship reaches critical mass, things might hit a speed bump or appear to come undone. Solid couples’ “same old” issues could crop up during this time, or an ex might resurface and shake things up in a not-fun way.

On August 7, Venus harmonizes with the other love planet, lusty Mars, in your seductive eighth house—a day when you can go really deep. However, because the red planet is retrograde until August 27, things might start to bloom but not take root. Someone could say one thing while meaning another. Age-old jealousies, resentments and trust issues could flare. Of course, if you “know” this is the right path for you and are willing to work through some discomfort, you might actually be able to deepen the bond and in the process do some healing around your past.

Then, on August 12, Mars backs into Capricorn and your seventh house of partnership, raising the stakes by intensifying the challenges and fattening the kitty. The lesson here is to get clear about what YOU really want. No more going along for the ride, Cancer. Momentous decisions require you to get your head and heart in alignment and honestly share with your other half or would-be partner. If you’re feeling a little rushed, let them know and ask for more time. But don’t get swept away by anybody else’s desires or choices.

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

Gut feelings and dreamy plans are great visualization tools to manifest what you want, but when you come back to reality, you need to be able to discern the difference between fantasy, projection and the real deal. Find out if the object of your affection is as ready as you are to move forward—or perhaps you’re not quite as “locked and loaded” as you thought.


Working hard or hardly working? As the Sun marches through Leo and your industrious second house, there’s plenty to do. But with communication planet Mercury retrograde until August 19, you’ll want to plan and prepare rather than diving into “doing” mode. Since Mercury is amok in your career and money house, you could get unclear (or incorrect) instructions—or your office computer could crash at the worst possible time. Back up your work often and make sure everyone’s on the same page before you commence any marathon teamwork sessions. Interactions with coworkers and clients could get prickly.

Keep an eye on your budget, especially since stressful Mars is retrograde from June 26 to August 27. Until August 12, it’s backing through Aquarius and your eighth house of investments, joint ventures and shared property. You may have gotten hit with a large expense or found yourself at odds with someone whose assets are enmeshed with yours. Legal or contract matters could turn contentious, especially once Mars backs into Capricorn and your partnership house on August 12. Don’t try to hash this out on your own if something major is at stake—a mediator or legal representation might be necessary. Some Crabs may simply need to start speaking up and asking people to contribute their fair share to the pot. Are you enabling someone or carrying too much of the balance? Resentment could lead to an explosion if you keep that up.

Amid all of this, a bright spot arrives at the August 11 Leo solar eclipse, which sends a wave of galvanizing energy through your work and finance sector. Out of the blue you could be offered a new job or other money-making opportunity, or stumble onto a completely different path. While it’s nice to have security, if you’re feeling stagnant or have fallen out of love with your job, this eclipse can shake things up and prompt you to look at other possibilities. Two weeks later, the August 26 Pisces full moon ignites your ninth house of expansion and risk-taking. You might surprise yourself by taking a leap of faith and moving in a whole new direction.

Key Dates:
August 2: Mars-Uranus square

All is not quiet on the Cancer front. Someone on your team may be acting out, stirring up trouble and discontent through the ranks; or maybe YOU’RE the one trying to pull a power play? Nip this in the bud. There’s enough to go around, so you don’t need to take the “bigger half.” Watch for a recurrence of this insecurity on September 18.

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 17, 22
Money Days: 1, 11
Luck Days: 9, 26
Off Days: 6, 19, 24

LEO (Singh) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

What a month you’ve got in store, Leo! August arrives on the heels of a July 27 total lunar eclipse in Aquarius, which rocked your relationship house and may have sent shockwaves through your closest ties. Now we’re deep in Leo season with the Sun heating up your sign until August 23—this time punctuated by an August 11 solar (new moon) eclipse in Leo. Whatever got shaken and stirred in July should begin to make sense by mid-month as the solar eclipse pushes you onto your true path.

This is the second-to-last eclipse in a Leo/Aquarius series that began in February 2017, altering your personal identity AND your relationships. These eclipses reset—and in some cases, upset—the balance between “me” and “we.” It’s all for a greater purpose, however, meant to ensure that you don’t lose yourself in a relationship or become so highly individualized that there’s no room for anyone else in the equation. There will be one more round on January 21, 2019, when a total lunar (full moon) eclipse in Leo brings a dramatic finale to something you embark on today. What do YOU want, Leo? Set some clear intentions and let this six-month window between the eclipses put the puzzle together.

No need to rush, though. While you may feel ready to leap to the next level, communication planet Mercury is retrograde in YOUR sign from July 26 to August 19, which could leave you feeling wildly misunderstood or misrepresented. Work on your grand plans behind the scenes instead of unveiling them now. With Mercury gone rogue, the public may not receive you as warmly as you hope. Take a break from social media since Mercury retrograde can muck up technology. If you have some unused vacation days or the opportunity to work remotely, this is an ideal time for that.

A career curveball could arrive on August 7, when unpredictable Uranus starts its annual five-month retrograde, sending you back to the drawing board a few times between now and January 6. In some ways, you might be relieved to have a little break because on May 15, Uranus barreled into Taurus for the first time since 1942, bringing radical change to your tenth house of career and ambition. You may have started a new job, lived through a company restructure or had a lightning-bolt epiphany about what you want to do with your life. Issues involving your dad, a father figure or another key male may also have come up suddenly.

Uranus (and its accompanying shifts) will slow down a bit now, and the side-spinning planet will actually back into Aries and your visionary ninth house for one last hurrah on November 6. Hold off on taking any huge risks or making massive changes to your lifestyle for the rest of the year unless you’ve had time to properly plan and research (and even then, have a contingency plan!).

Since retrogrades reconnect us with the past, it’s also possible you’ll get a second chance to implement something you put on the back burner. Perhaps timing will be on your side now to relocate, return to school or reconsider a leadership position. If not, focus on doing the necessary groundwork (perhaps boosting your skills to become more marketable). In March 2019, Uranus will settle into Taurus and your professional zone until April 2026, and you’ll have a long stretch to set your cutting-edge career plans in motion.

The pace slows down the last week of August, making it much easier to get into a grounded groove. On August 23, the Sun marches into Virgo and your stabilizing second house, turning your focus to practical matters. Get a jump-start on those “back to school” vibes by starting new daily habits that help you feel anchored.

On August 25, a rare and auspicious grand earth trine occurs in the most ambitious and structured zones of your chart, giving your hustle some muscle. The Virgo Sun will sync up in a golden triangle with structured Saturn and revolutionary Uranus, touching off the professional and financial zones of your chart. Your hard work could finally pay off with long-overdue recognition and an unexpected leadership opportunity. Since Saturn and Uranus are both retrograde, this could come through someone you’ve worked with in the past; or an offer you thought had fizzled out may resurface. Offline, this grand trine could bring a breakthrough in your health and habits. Committing to a new routine—exercise, healthy eating, writing a few pages of your novel each morning—will give you a running start.

The Pisces full moon on August 26 can awaken intense emotions as it illuminates your eighth house of intimacy, secrets and merging. This full moon brings a turning point to your closest ties: Are you in or are you out? From business ventures to romantic ties, you’re not doing anything halfway today. This lunation could bring an engagement, pregnancy news or an offer to join forces for mutual financial gain. You might abruptly sever ties with someone, dividing up your assets and going your separate ways. A legal or real estate matter could reach an important turning point. Since full moons bring things out into the open, buried feelings—from jealousy to sadness to anger—may surge up, taking you (and anyone who witnesses them) by surprise. Try to clear the air without burning any bridges, Leo.


Love on the rocks? You might experience a romantic interruption this summer as passionate Mars continues its retrograde circle (which began on June 26) in Aquarius and your partnership realm until August 12. This could add tension to existing relationships, making it impossible to ignore that 800-pound pink pachyderm in the living room. Good luck trying to hash out your differences: while the aggro red planet can drive up lust and desire, it’s less famous for its ability to listen and comprise.

On August 12, Mars will reverse into Capricorn and your hard-to-please sixth house for the duration of the retrograde (until August 27). During these few weeks, your “helpful hints” could come across as cutting and critical. Resist the temptation to play life coach for your partner, especially if your advice isn’t being solicited. Singles may be drawn to exciting yet emotionally unavailable types. Enjoy the ride but hold off on getting any towels monogrammed.

Luckily, on August 6, vixen Venus bolts into loving Libra and your communication corner for the first of two trips this year. This could offset Mars’ antagonistic vibes and give you and bae an opening to discuss some key matters. If you’re single, make a point of getting to know someone as a friend before you “go there.” This could save a lot of frustration and potential heartache AND increase your chances of meeting a person you really click with.

An exceptional day for amorous activities is August 7, when Venus and Mars form a rare, harmonious trine. You might see someone in a whole new (and surprisingly sexy) light. A budding relationship could reach critical mass; or longtime couples could have a highly productive dialogue that gets you back in sync.

The August 26 Pisces full moon in your spicy eighth house could be one of the year’s sexiest days, a moment that awakens your sensuality and helps you merge minds, bodies and souls. Take time during the day (or better yet, the night) to get deeply in tune with your desires. With the full moon in this sector of extremes, there’s no grey area. You might decide to commit for the long haul—or end things altogether. At the very least, some intense feelings can emerge, so get ready to hash out things that have been hidden until now.

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

Romance is great, but today you’re all about clarity. Before you can move forward with someone, you need to know where they stand on some important issues. To find out, you may have to initiate an awkward yet constructive conversation. But if you want to bring sexy back—or just bring it—don’t keep acting like a controlling parent!


Easy does it, Leo. You’re chomping at the bit to unveil a big idea or start something new, but you’ll need to pace yourself. The Leo Sun is pouring fuel in your tank until August 23, but communicator Mercury is retrograde in your sign from July 26 to August 19, which might cause your message to get lost in translation. Practice patience, though it may be hard for you. The August 11 Leo solar eclipse could release a wave of new options you didn’t anticipate. You’ll be glad you didn’t rush into anything concrete—and if you did, you might need to wriggle out of those commitments, which can create tension and awkwardness. Even if you feel sure you want to say “yes”, sleep on it, and if possible, delay giving a final answer until after Mercury straightens out on August 19.

Another reason to take it slow? Intensifier Mars is also retrograde from June 26 to August 27. It’s backing through Aquarius and your committed-partnership house until August 12, which can create tension in your closest ties. You could feel pressured to sign on the dotted line before you’re ready—a big red flag this month. With Uranus also turning retrograde in your career house on August 7, there could be more unexpected plot twists. Let it all come out into the open so you can make an informed decision.

When Mars reverses into Capricorn and your efficient sixth house on August 12, step back from the chaos and corral the clutter. You need time to get your affairs in order and solidify your systems before you take on another project. If you’re on the brink of a meltdown, Mars pushes you (and not delicately) to delegate. Have you been picking up someone else’s slack? During the second half of August, assess the members of Team Leo. Some might need to be handed their walking papers while others could improve dramatically with clearer instructions and an honest performance review. If you’re doing everything solo, outsource to capable specialists—whether you’re filing your overdue taxes or getting a bookshelf built. Just be sure to check references and read customer reviews.

A big money moment arrives at the August 26 Pisces full moon, which spotlights your eighth house of joint ventures and windfalls. You could receive a large lump sum—or have to make a big but necessary payment. Whatever happens, it’s an eye-opening moment that could prompt you to get savvier about your long-term financial plans, from saving to investing to earning passive income. Some Leos could partner with a powerful and well-connected person who can take your ideas to new heights. Combine your superpowers, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with! This full moon casts its lucky beams on any and all real estate negotiations, which might tip your hand if you’re thinking about buying or selling property now.

Key Dates:
August 10: Mercury-Jupiter square

Are you still unconsciously trying to win a certain person’s approval? Do a little soul-searching. You need to stand on your own feet and follow your bliss. If you know that someone is likely to diminish one of your ideas or accomplishments, bite your lip when you’re around them—and save the big news for people you know will support you.

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 19, 24
Money Days: 4, 12
Luck Days: 1, 11
Off Days: 9, 22, 26

VIRGO (Kanya) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

Feeling foggy? It’s not you, Virgo—it’s the stars. The Sun is drifting through Leo and your twelfth house of rest, closure and healing until August 23. While your subconscious is working overtime (hello, vivid dreams), your usually spot-on linear-thinking abilities aren’t as sharp as usual. The solution: Work WITH it instead of swimming upstream. This is your annual time to rejuvenate before Virgo season (and your birthday time!) starts later this month. Tie up loose ends, escape off the grid and move at a more languid pace whenever possible.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, the celestial guardian of communication, technology and travel, also happens to be retrograde in Leo this same befuddling zone from July 26 to August 19, making it even harder to piece together a thought or complex sentence. But with a Leo solar (new moon) eclipse arriving on August 11, you COULD have a major intuitive hit or spiritual awakening—especially if you tame that overactive mind of yours.

Solar and lunar eclipses sweep in four to six times a year and redefine “business as usual.” This is the last one of 2018—and the second-to-last in a two-year series that’s fallen on the Leo/Aquarius axis beginning February 10, 2017. This group of eclipses has been revolutionizing your health and healing sectors, helping you figure out when to lean in and when to let go. The line between control and surrender has been reconfigured for you, Virgo, and you’ll have one last round of that on January 21, 2019, when a final Leo lunar eclipse brings events sparked today—and over the past couple years—together with a dramatic flourish.

Another reason to pace yourself? On August 7, changemaker Uranus begins its annual five-month retrograde, prompting you to scale back some supersized risks between now and January 6. We’re not telling you to shrink from sight or dim your light, but take note of whether you may have leapt a little TOO far beyond your comfort zone—and now need to tweak your plans. For this, you can thank innovator Uranus, which shifted into Taurus and your expansive ninth house on May 15, kicking off a journey of growth and discovery that will last until April 2026. In November, Uranus will make one last visit to Aries and your investigative eighth house. Take time to research, strategize and read the fine print before Uranus settles in for a longer trek in March 2019. If you’ve got big dreams that involve travel, study or starting your own business, do some behind-the-scenes plotting and aim to launch your plans next spring.

As Uranus in your future-forward zone slows down, you can get back to living in the present—and loving it—especially once the Sun moves into Virgo for a month on August 23. Don’t you have a birthday party to plan? With jovial Jupiter in your social third house until November 8, this could be THE year to throw an epic bash, perhaps one where you introduce all your fabulous friends from disparate parts of your life to one another.

There may be no better day to do that—birthday or not—than August 25, when the Virgo Sun forms a potent grand trine to trailblazing Uranus in your global ninth house and structured Saturn in your fifth house of passion and creativity. This “golden triangle” could be the perfect day for a romantic bucket-list trip or to share your talents with the world. The spotlight will happily seek you out, and with Mercury retrograde in the rearview as of August 19, you’re safe to raise the curtain on something original that you’ve been dreaming up. You might make your mark as a thought leader or have an incredible breakthrough in your love life. With ambitious Mars ending a two-month retrograde on August 27, you’ve got the all-clear to go full-speed ahead and start living out loud again.

And there’s no need to go it alone, Virgo. On August 26, the year’s only full moon in Pisces spotlights your seventh house of partnership. Where could you bring more balance to your bonds? A budding commitment could turn official, or, since full moons can bring transitions, you may decide to part ways from someone who’s no longer a fitting match. Should you choose the latter option, trust that that vacant spot will soon be occupied by a kindred spirit. In both romance and business, dynamic duos get a lunar lift as the month closes out. Choose your collaborators wisely, then start combining your superpowers!


Ready for romance with a routine? On August 6, love planet Venus grooves into Libra and your stabilizing second house of money, security and values for first of two trips this year. This could spell a period of enhanced self-esteem—and a slew of sultry summer dates that involve dressing up for al fresco romance. You’ll be craving more upscale encounters, and “casual hookups” probably won’t cut it with your security zone activated. Single? Don’t be afraid to “pre-screen” dates to find out whether they’re looking for something lasting. Couples might take a big step regarding commitment or future plans. How sweet to be on the same page! But take note: Venus will go retrograde from October 31 to November 16, a time when you could have second thoughts or experience a romantic setback. Don’t rush into anything TOO regimented now if you’re not fully ready for it.

On August 7, Venus syncs up with passionate Mars in your sixth house of systems, service and self-care. It’s a good day to discuss the practicalities of love, relationships and all the little things that keep the wheels greased. It’s fair game to bring up your emotional needs, the division of expenses and whether you (both) feel supported and appreciated. But don’t just talk about it. SHOW how much you care by doing something out of the blue. Dating? Go green! Take a hike or yoga class instead of meeting for happy hour, or dine veg instead of on greasy burgers and heavy bar snacks.

Of course, with Mars retrograde until August 27, all might not be peaceful in paradise. Old arguments about petty stuff could flare as you try to make your date or mate “perfect.” Then, on August 12, the red planet backpedals into Capricorn and your fifth house of passion and romance for the duration of the retrograde. Romance could retreat into the shadows: A new affair might hit the skids, or couples may find themselves fending off jealousy and high drama. Retrogrades are disruptive by nature, so an ex could burst back onto the scene, or someone might be flirting up a storm with your S.O. Keep those fiery reactions in check.

Perhaps the most exciting astro event of the month is the August 26, Pisces full moon in your seventh house of committed unions. You might finally decide to make it official, possibly with a public announcement. Single? The two weeks following this full moon are powerful for finding someone with keeper potential. If you’ve been “slacking” a bit in your dating efforts, now’s the time to rev your engines!

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

Tough love isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s the best medicine. Today, constraining Saturn squares off with dreamy Venus. Even if your heart is saying yes, your head may veto that vote. If your timing is off or the object of your affection isn’t a worthy candidate, don’t waste any more time pursuing it. There’s no reason to settle for anything less than a stable and mutually fulfilling relationship.


Feeling scattered? Since June 26, ambitious Mars has been retrograde in Aquarius and your sixth house of organization, dulling the edges of your Virgo efficiency. Stress levels may have gone through the roof, and you could be second-guessing your decisions on just about everything. Easy now! You haven’t lost your keen judgment, Virgo, but you may have misplaced a little confidence. Slow down and pace yourself. You don’t have to figure everything out in a day. In fact, allowing things to develop through their own organic process can prevent you from making hasty mistakes. If it’s not coming together easily, don’t force it!

Mars stays retrograde until August 27, and on August 12, it will back into Capricorn and your reactive fifth house. Tempers and egos are running high, so dodge the divas and their demands—and be careful not to stir up any drama yourself. You may require additional reality checks from your levelheaded friends now.

This goes double because your ruler, communication planet Mercury, is retrograde in your twelfth house of illusions and hidden agendas until August 19, making you a bit paranoid. It will be hard to discern who’s really got your back, but an eye-opening Leo solar eclipse on August 11 could usher a new “guardian angel” type onto Team Virgo or spark an epiphany about who deserves a berth on your squad. If you’re not sure, you’ll get a glimpse soon after the August 26 Pisces full moon, which illuminates your partnership house and could bring an exciting contract or offer to join forces with someone whose skills complement yours to a tee.

Key Dates:
August 19: Jupiter-Neptune trine

During this third in a trio of rare trines (the first was December 2017; the second was May 25), you may rediscover an affinity for someone you worked with in the past—in another capacity. But before you assume you can make magic again, test it out with a small-scale initiative, letting them show their true colors. Trust your gut under this alignment of these intuitive planets, which aren’t usually wrong about such things.

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 22, 26
Money Days: 6, 15
Luck Days: 4, 12
Off Days: 1, 11, 24

LIBRA (Tula) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

Relax and enjoy, Libra. After a hardworking July, you’ve got planetary permission to get back to what you do best: mingling with your favorite friends (and their friends…and their friends). The Sun is in Leo until August 23, making its annual journey through your eleventh house of group activity, both online and in real time. From cutting-edge collaborations to vibrant social gatherings, your life is sweetened in the company of kindred spirits! Since this is also the zodiac’s humanitarian zone, you might unite for a cause, as Leo season awakens your inner social justice warrior (not that it ever fell asleep). Organize a gathering or a virtual fundraiser that brings people together. The ideal “balance” for Libra is when you can celebrate AND change the world all at once.

If you’re looking for the perfect date for an event, try August 11, when a rare Leo solar eclipse beams into this communal sector. It’s the second to last in a series of game-changing eclipses that have been touching down on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2018, altering your friendships, love life and creative expression. There will be one more eclipse here in January 2019, so between now and then, take a clear-eyed inventory of the people surrounding you. Are they true-blue members of Team Libra, or are they only there for the good times? Make sure to stock your pond with people who have your back through every phase: when the chips are down AND when the stocks are up!

The eleventh house also rules technology, making the eclipse a potentially awesome launch day for any digital endeavors. BUT…communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19, which could muddle your message or cause technological breakdowns of epic proportions. Don’t put anything out to the public, especially virtually, that you haven’t thoroughly tweaked and quality-tested. Better to wait a month than have to go back and fix a million errors—or worse, land with a belly flop when you’re trying to make a splash.

Meantime, you’re reconfiguring who YOU are on some very deep and even psychic levels. On May 15, radical changemaker Uranus began an eight-year visit to Taurus and your eighth house of merging, intimacy and spiritual phenomena. Uranus hasn’t been in Taurus since 1942, so it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime event for many people. You may have been dropped into some intense feelings or situations that took you by surprise. Uranus could have churned up heavy stuff that required a lot more emotional processing than you’re used to. Or you might have dug into an all-consuming financial or business endeavor that practically took you off the grid. A potent sexual attraction may have caught you off-guard; for couples, this period might have been marked by extreme mood fluctuations or moments when the line between love and hate became razor-thin!

On August 7, Uranus will make its annual five-month retrograde, slowing down some of the changes and giving you a chance to integrate. If your closest relationships need recalibrating, you can spend the rest of the year getting back on the same page as a business or romantic partner. This is an excellent time to research, especially if you’re planning any major investments or lifestyle changes, such as a move, a property purchase or perhaps a marriage or pregnancy. If a strong sexual attraction has thrown you for a loop or if financial fluctuations have left you treading water, use this time to approach the situation from a new angle. You might also need to step back from something that’s become too intense too fast.

With hotheaded Mars also retrograde from June 26 to August 27, there’s even more reason to pace yourself. Mars is in Aquarius and running amok in your passionate fifth house until August 12, which could have inflated drama, tempers AND egos all summer. Watch out for a serious clash when Mars and Uranus lock into a tense square during the first couple days of the month. An ex could return and create quite a stir, or an old conflict could flare up again. Proceed with caution! Mars will back into Capricorn and your domestic fourth house on August 12: For the rest of this retrograde, you could be forced to address family friction head-on-or you might to need an escape from whatever’s roiling under your roof! Watch those mood swings: You could wind up biting people’s heads off if you don’t get enough time for self-care.

Starting August 23, you can take a break from your whirlwind socializing, and if need be, recover from any eclipse and retrograde intensity. The Sun slips into Virgo and your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure until September 22, giving you a month to wrap up loose ends before your birthday season. Take a sweet escape to the beach, catch up on your sleep and keep your schedule loose—this is not the time to overcommit.

You may do some major emotional processing on August 25, when a rare and potent grand trine forms between the Virgo Sun, structured Saturn in your fourth house of home and family, and changemaker Uranus in your eighth house of intimate bonds. With Saturn and Uranus both retrograde, some unresolved piece of your past may need to be addressed for true healing to occur. You might fancy yourself a “forgive and forget” person, but have you really put this behind you, or did you just sweep it under the rug? This powerful grand trine gives you the courage to dig really deep, perhaps with the help of a spiritual mentor, therapist or wise guide. Are you repeating the past or projecting some old childhood issues onto other people? Uranus will help you make a radical break from that, while Saturn can support you in doing the tough but necessary work to end this onerous pattern once and for all.

If there’s any fallout, the next day will help you put the pieces together. On August 26, the year’s only Pisces full moon lands in your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. La luna in this task-driven zone will supply a surge of “back-to-school” motivation, helping you get a few systems in place before the fall frenzy hits in a week or two. With go-getter Mars wrapping its two-month retrograde on August 27, you’ll be even more focused around a mission, especially one that involves your living situation or self-care. Start moving away from summer-indulgence mode and incorporating more whole foods, especially fresh produce, into your meals. Harvest season should bring a beautiful bounty, so you won’t be at a loss for inspiration!


On August 6, Venus, your ruling planet, enters Libra and your first house of identity and appearance for the first of two trips this year: Bring on the makeovers and daring style choices—and a feisty, flirtatious attitude to match. With Venus in your sign, you’ll attract people to you like bees to tupelo honey without much effort. But this is also a great time to approach everyone—not just your beloved—with a wide-open heart. You’ll have charisma and magnetism to spare, so spread it around!

One thing to be aware of: Venus will be retrograde in Libra from October 31 to November 16, so any romances that are just getting off the ground now might hit a snag later. Don’t panic! This is a necessary “speed correction,” suggesting that it’s not be a bad idea to take things a little more slowly than you might like.

Meanwhile, the other love planet, passionate Mars, is in your playful and passionate fifth house, and when it trines Venus on August 7, that could be one of the hottest dates all summer! If you’re not feeling like an absolute stunning siren, page the glam squad immediately and get your Libra lights back on.

The only hitch is that Mars is retrograde from June 26 to August 27, which has caused tempers and jealousy to flare at moments. You may have been on a bit of a trip yourself at times, perhaps having a few public diva moments (in between dodging everyone else’s). On August 12, Mars will back into Capricorn and your sentimental fourth house for the duration of the retrograde, which could leave you a bit hypersensitive and thin-skinned. If you’ve been talking about moving in together or expanding your family, you might want to hold off on plans until things get back on track next month.

With unpredictable Uranus also turning retrograde for five months on August 7, the “ex factor” is strong. Don’t be surprised if a virtual parade of old flames and hookups come around to scope out a second chance. Assess the potential damage and chaos they could bring into your world. As much as you’d love to be swept off into a fairytale ending, don’t mistake the players for royalty, no matter how charming they are!

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

You may need to go back to the romantic drawing board and reconsider some of your priorities under this “push-me-pull-you” mashup. On the one hand, you crave emotional security and commitment, yet your desire for freedom and adventure seems to indicate otherwise. Before you can fully commit your heart to someone, you need to get clear on this issue.


Network like only a Libra can! With the Sun in Leo until August 23, your eleventh house of teamwork and technology is a heat zone, and you’re in your social-butterfly element. By the time the August 11 Leo solar eclipse arrives, you’ll be shining so brightly in a crowd that your charm could pierce the ozone layer.

But be careful that you don’t burn out any connections by coming on too strong. While Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—is retrograde in Leo until August 19, add a layer of cosmic UV protection by triple-checking anything before you hit “post” or “send.” If you’re at an industry cocktail party or having Happy Hour with coworkers, hold back a little on the personal sharing. Sure, you might feel like you can tell someone your entire life story five minutes after bonding over Kobe sliders and bottomless margaritas, but…don’t. With messenger Mercury awry, you never know where this intel will end up.

The Pisces full moon on August 26 could bring a turning point with systems and service providers. This is a day for hiring and firing and getting your dream team in place. If your old method of staying on top of tasks is no longer working, upgrade and delegate. From apps and project-management tools to outsourcing and specialists, find a sustainable method to wrangle all those loose ends so you can stop being overwhelmed. You might also decide to go back to school briefly to upgrade your skills or take a short-term “bridge job” for some interim income. With la luna in your sixth house of organization, you might do an epic end-of-season decluttering to restore that blessed balance to your workspace and home. Ah, peace!

Key Dates:
August 19: Jupiter-Neptune trine

This is the third in a trio of rare trines (the first was December 2017; the second was May 25), inspiring you to do work that benefits the world. If you’ve been wondering how you could blend earning a living and making a difference, you might stumble on the perfect situation today. Reach out to your social network for suggestions.

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 24, 1
Money Days:9, 17
Luck Days: 6, 15
Off Days: 12, 4

SCORPIO (Brishchik) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

You’re not here to make friends this month, Scorpio—not when you’re on a mission like this. The Sun is making its annual climb through Leo and your ambitious tenth house until August 23, putting you in full #boss mode. While others scamper off on carefree holidays, your steely gaze is trained on a rather specific set of goals, if not one singular target.

Your tunnel vision may be interrupted though because Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—will be retrograde in Leo and this career-driven zone of your chart. Professional plans could get waylaid or delayed since Mercury retrograde can bring red tape and unanticipated curveballs that distract you from your well-crafted agenda. A client could go MIA, or a decision maker might not get you the needed materials in time for you to meet a deadline.

Relax, Scorpio, and go with the flow as best you can, even if you want to scream. Believe it or not, there’s a method to this madness. The crucial plot twist could be revealed around August 11, when a potent Leo solar (new moon) eclipse sweeps through your tenth house and brings an unexpected job offer, a leadership opportunity or a changing of the guard. The tenth house rules men and fathers, so an important guy in your life, possibly your dad, may play a role in this eclipse’s surprising events.

Solar and lunar eclipses occur four to six times a year and shake up business as usual. This is the second-to-last in a series that’s been striking the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017, bringing waves of change to your home and career. By now, your living situation, family structure or work life might look wildly different than they did a couple years ago. The grand finale, a total lunar (full moon) eclipse, will land in Leo and your career zone on January 21, 2019. Seeds planted today will reach their peak early next year, then you won’t experience eclipses here again until 2026. That means you might FINALLY settle into a steady career path or put down stable roots soon. Whew!

This year has certainly been one of transformation in all the major areas of your life. Expansive Jupiter has been in Scorpio all year (and will be until November 8), altering everything from your appearance to your self-esteem to your personal passions. And on May 15, changemaker Uranus began a wild eight-year ride through your opposite sign of Taurus, throwing curveballs at your closest relationships. Dynamics have changed with colleagues, romantic partners and your tightest friendships—sometimes without much notice!

On August 7, Uranus will begin its annual five-month retrograde, which could slow down some of the modifications in your partnerships. This may come as a relief, but it’s also possible that an old issue could flare up, creating unsettling energy. Counting on others for consistency will be challenging, and there may be some on-again-off-again activity with certain people.

Domestic drama may also have colored your summer, but that will start to ease off in the second half of the month. Stressful Mars has been retrograde in Aquarius since June 26, ratcheting up the tension in your domestic sector and intensifying your living situation. While Mars will remain retrograde until August 27, it will back out of Aquarius on August 12, lessening the pressure in your personal life. If you’ve been on pins and needles waiting to hear about a move, a home sale or a sticky family situation, you could finally get the answers you need. On August 12, Mars will reverse into Capricorn and your communication sector for the remainder of its pivot, so watch those caustic comments, especially since Mercury is also retrograde. You don’t need to spend the rest of your summer repairing a rift because of one snarky remark that was taken the wrong way!

Lightness prevails once again during the last week of the month, when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Virgo on August 23 and heats up your eleventh house of group activity, teamwork and technology. Step away from all that work stress and let your hair down. A brilliant moment to do that arrives on August 25, when a rare and harmonizing grand trineforms between the Virgo Sun, structured Saturn in your communication house and unconventional Uranus in your relationship sector. This is a golden moment for collaborations and meeting kindred spirits.

Now that Mercury retrograde is in the rearview, you could move powerfully ahead with a partnership, whether business or romantic. And you’ll do it on YOUR terms, as trailblazer Uranus and the bold Sun prompt you to follow your own authentic script rather than copy someone else’s. Solidifying Saturn helps you make things official and ensures that anything you embark on has integrity and the potential for longevity. Since Saturn and Uranus are both retrograde and oriented toward the past, this grand trine goodness could involve someone you’ve known for a long time or a surprisingly rich reunion with an old friend, colleague or even an ex. Maybe the second (or third) time around will be the charm!

The month ends with some well-deserved pleasure as the year’s only Pisces full moon heats up your fifth house of romance, passion and play on August 26. A budding romance could consummate, or you might find the spotlight shining directly on you. A pregnancy, or news of one, is possible with la luna in your fertility sector. You might just be ripe with inspiration: If you’ve been hiding your talents or working behind the scenes on a creative project, this full moon could mark your big debut. Lights, camera, Scorpio!


Dream lover or just an illusion? On August 6, idealistic Venus enters Libra and your fantasy-laced twelfth house for the first of two trips this year. You may not be dealing with hard-boiled reality with the amorous planet here—not that this is a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s nice to put someone on a pedestal, as long as you can promise not to demonize them if they veer to the other extreme or fail to live up to any idealized standards you’ve set.

For some Scorpios, if you do take an unblinking look at life, you might be forced to acknowledge that a certain relationship is not the fairy tale you’d like it to be, and that to move forward, you will need to deal with a few key issues. If things slow down—or stop altogether—take time to assess the situation clearly, bearing in mind that it might take a while for the truth to come out. While you might not enjoy cleaning the smudges off those rose-colored Ray-Bans, the longevity of a relationship depends on striking the right balance between magic and matter-of-factness.

A good day to hash things out is August 7, the date of a rare, harmonizing Venus-Mars trinein some of the most sensitive parts of your chart. Forget about trying to control things; just keep an open mind and receptive heart. Let your love interest do most of the talking while you practice the art of active listening. Or, just reconnect through touch and allow the loving feelings to flow before you dive into a diatribe. Compassion is the magic ingredient now.

Mars has been retrograde since June 26 in Aquarius and your sentimental fourth house, churning up some strong emotions. You may have experienced intense mood swings or family drama, whether from meddling relatives or a needy and demanding child. Settling into your skin or feeling at home under your own roof has been hard during this stressful phase. On August 1, the red planet will back into Capricorn and your communication corner for the duration of the retrograde (through August 27). While things may simmer down at home, you could still have a short fuse and be argument-prone.

If you’ve been biting your tongue, you won’t be able to hold back from speaking your truth—but stay mindful because you could be extra combative and not the most benevolent person now. Single Scorpios might reconnect with an old friend and feel sexy sparks, but don’t rush into anything. A night or two of passion isn’t worth destroying a longtime bond over.

Key Dates:
August 2: Mars-Uranus square

The second of three squares between these volatile planets (the first was May 16; the next is September 18) could send your temper through the roof. Watch for knee-jerk emotional reactions because they can destabilize a relationship and send people running for the hills. If you’re angry or hurt, find a healthy way to express it. Is it time to get serious about commitment…or starting a family? Maybe—but you certainly won’t take well to being backed into any corners today.


It’s a big month for your career, Scorpio, so don’t drift into that summer haze just yet. Opportunity could come knocking, and you don’t want to be asleep in a hammock when it does! The Sun is in Leo and your ambitious tenth house until August 23, and August 11 brings a catalyzing Leo solar eclipse. You might receive an offer out of the blue or have an epiphany about a key area of your career that you want to change. Whether you embark on a new project, scout other options or completely change your line of work, August could recalibrate your professional path.

One thing’s for sure: “Business as usual” won’t cut it anymore. With expansive Jupiter in Scorpio from October 10, 2017, until November 8, 2018, the stars have sent you on a radical reinvention tour this year, and you’ve been discovering new passions and interests. You may find that you simply can’t force yourself to soldier through some part of your job anymore—you’re just D-O-N-E, and there’s no more faking it! But summoning the courage to let go and try something new isn’t easy for most Scorpios, who like a baseline amount of control. You’ve been learning to leap without a parachute or safety net.

All that practice could pay off now as the Leo eclipse delivers an exciting chance to flaunt your expertise or leave a lasting mark on your industry. Rumors are swirling that iconic Scorpio fashion editor Anna Wintour will leave her hallowed post at Vogue after the September issue. The mere suggestion of that possibility has Jupiter and the eclipses’ fingerprints all over it!

But take any big career moves slowly, Scorpio, since mindful Mercury is retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19, which could delay decisions and scramble signals, especially at work. Since Mercury retrograde is notorious for foiling technology, back up your data and hold off on any major electronics upgrades until after this cycle. Most astrologers caution against signing contracts during Mercury retrograde because key details can slip past your attention. Even your eagle eye can miss ’em now, Scorpio, so have any binding documents reviewed by an attorney instead of rushing to sign on the dotted line.

Key Dates:
August 10: Mercury-Jupiter square

Flattery will get ’em…everywhere? Someone could butter you up today, but watch out! They may have an ulterior motive. With retrograde Mercury butting heads with overconfident Jupiter in your sign, you might be a little too quick on the draw. Ask people to present you with a plan to back up their lofty visions. Check references—and if you’re the one pitching or applying for a job, make sure your social profiles and testimonials reflect your best work!

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 26, 4
Money Days: 11, 19
Luck Days: 9, 17
Off Days: 1, 6, 15

SAGITTARIUS (Dhan) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

Go big…or at least fan out a few of those peacock feathers. You’re in your full Sagittarian splendor as the vibrant Sun makes its annual turn through Leo and your expansive ninth house until August 23. Travel, learning, entrepreneurship and starry-eyed possibilities—all of your favorite things—are the hotspots of this solar cycle, and you can explore them to your heart’s content. After a more low-key July, you’re ready to burst back onto the scene and share your grand vision.

But before you press “send” on that mass email announcement or invite everyone to a screening of your documentary-in-progress, sit tight. With communication planet Mercury retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19, you’re in the middle of three signal-scrambling weeks that can mess with technology, travel and interpersonal matters. You might think you have a winning idea only to wildly miss the mark when you pitch it. Dream big but if possible, wait until after August 19 to start spreading the news.

While loose-lipped Mercury is in your outspoken ninth house, keep those “clever” comments to yourself, both in person and online. You could accidentally offend someone, creating a PR debacle that you’ve got no time to clean up. If you’re taking a vacation, put in extra precautions (make sure passports are up to date, get on the road early) and stock your devices with movies and books you can enjoy offline in case the airplane’s signal goes “mysteriously” AWOL during a long flight.

One possible exception to the retrograde rulebook arrives on August 11, when a Leo solar (new moon) eclipse beams into your auspicious ninth house, magnifying everything. This could herald a major moment to do something bold, and possibly global, by seizing an opportunity that comes out of the blue. Eclipses deliver surprises and shake up business as usual; solar eclipses are known for ushering in brand-new chapters of life. This one could involve travel, a media opportunity or an overdue (yet necessary) conversation.

This is the second-to-last eclipse in a series that’s been landing on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 10, 2017, shaking up your communication sectors. Projects involving writing, teaching, travel, study and publishing have gotten a special boost from these eclipses, which have arrived every six months. Both local and long-distance affairs may have heated up; many Sags adopted a new role in a neighborhood or community while others relocated or traveled regularly over the past couple years. A final eclipse in this cycle will arrive at the January 21, 2019, Leo full moon—a total lunar eclipse that could make you a household name or help you speak with new levels of honesty (even for you).

There’s a saying that “God is in the details,” but your big-picture sign isn’t naturally inclined to hyper-focus on every piece of minutiae. But that’s been shifting since May 15, when radical changemaker Uranus began an eight-year visit to Taurus and your sixth house of wellness, work and organization—its first trip here since 1942. For many Sagittarians, this Uranus cycle has been reshaping your lifestyle and habits or pushing you to examine how you handle day-to-day responsibilities. If you’ve found it hard to sit still and focus, or if you’ve struggled to follow your usual process, that’s the influence of revolutionizing Uranus, which is prompting you to come up with a whole new flow.

On August 7, Uranus will start its annual five-month retrograde, and that’s a great time to start saying “no” to stressful projects that sap your precious time and energy. Your top priority between now and January 6 should be staying healthy and serene. Uranus retrograde is a powerful period to focus on your wellbeing, especially if you’ve been running on fumes. Book those overdue appointments and get back to regular exercise. If you’ve been puzzled by a medical mystery (of your own!), you could find the doctor or healer who gives you an eye-opening perspective. Cutting-edge Uranus will gladly get experimental, but during the retrograde, you need to go easy on the self-diagnosing.

Feeling fried? Dispel your tension with creative DIY projects and by spending time in nature—the outdoors is especially cathartic now. (As Sags, we’ve been obsessively gardening and crafting ever since Uranus entered Taurus!) Above all, slow down because anxiety and nervous energy could be running high. You’re learning that there IS such a thing as “too much,” even for a sign with an appetite as big as yours.

Uranus will dip back into Aries and your passionate fifth house on November 6 for one last hurrah, not to return until the 22nd century. Next March, it will settle into Taurus for the long haul, so all the tweaks to your work, eating and exercise habits will pay off handsomely in the spring. Meantime, set up savvy systems and schedules that allow you to enjoy plenty of restorative time between your grand missions and worldly adventures!

Plans begin to solidify during the last week of August as you switch from blue-sky thinking into master-planning mode. On August 23, the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Virgo and your tenth house of career, ramping up your ambitions. With el Sol in this structured zone, it’ll be much easier to set goals and milestones—and stick to them.

A highly auspicious event occurs on August 25, when the Virgo Sun forms a rare grand trinewith serious Saturn and innovator Uranus in your work and money zones. You could rise through the ranks swiftly without having to “sell out” or pretend to be someone you’re not. With Uranus in your sixth house of helpful people and Saturn in your tenth house of mentors, the person who opens doors could be anywhere on the food chain, from the quiet intern who’s secretly an Instagram influencer to the seasoned CEO who’s been with the company for years.

Take a break for some downtime at the August 26 Pisces full moon, which illuminates your fourth house of home, family and self-care. If you’ve been looking to move or change your living situation, this full moon could shine a light on your next steps. And with motivator Mars soaring forward on August 27 after a two-month retrograde, you’ll be even more driven to get plans underway.


Lighten up in love! On August 6, amorous Venus enters Libra and your social eleventh house for the first of two trips this year. On the upside, this gives you a chance to step back from certain relationships that may be draining you emotionally—AND you might start to see a formerly platonic friend in a whole new (and sexy) light. Since the eleventh house rules technology, dating apps could turn up some fun options. For couples, this is a great time to socialize as a duo, hosting a late-summer soiree or hitting festivals, concerts and gatherings. Your freedom-loving sign is always most attracted to confident people who give you room to roam, and you’ll definitely need a long leash now.

On August 7, when Venus forms a rare and vibrant trine with passionate Mars, who’s parked in your third house of communication and socializing. Perhaps you just need to sit down with someone and calmly and objectively discuss a few minor issues? If you’re single, this is a great moment to flex your flirting muscles and stay open to some different types. But while “new” can be exciting, make sure you know whether this novelty is good for the a LTR or just a little summer fun.

It’s important to note that Mars is retrograde from June 26 to August 27, which could have been scrambling some of your signals and failing to deliver your messages. (Who DID that seductive text go to anyway?) On August 12, the red planet will back into Capricorn and your security zone for the duration of the retrograde. You might give someone a second chance or realize that, why yes, you DO desire more commitment after all. It IS your prerogative to change your mind, Sag, so no need to apologize!

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

Security or freedom? You’re torn between dueling desires, as Venus in your liberated eleventh house clashes with structured Saturn in your stabilizing second house. You can strike a balance, but it will take effort—and compromise.


You’ve got big ideas and grand plans, Sagittarius, but the heavens aren’t totally pulling up the curtains for you just yet. That’s okay: Your sign tends to rush into things—and you DO work eleventh-hour magic like no other. But these days, you’re discovering the power in patience and preparation. Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, is retrograde in Leo and your visionary ninth house until August 19, but a few other key planets are retrograde in career-centric parts of your chart.

Structured Saturn and power player Pluto are reversing through Capricorn and your financial second house until September, and on August 12, ambitious Mars (which has been retrograde in your communication house since June 26) will back into Capricorn and remain in this sluggish backspin until August 27. With Uranus going retrograde in your sixth house of employees on August 7, the next few months could make it hard to pin down Team Sagittarius. Read the tea leaves, Archer: Work behind the scenes first and get this thing polished to perfection. Hire (and fire) as needed, and make sure you delegate only to capable service providers. The silver lining? Lucky Jupiter, your ruling planet, will soar into Sagittarius for 13 months on November 8. If you line everything up perfectly now, you’ll be poised for a major coup in a few short months!

You may get a sneak preview of what’s coming on August 11, when the Leo solar eclipse beams into your ninth house of entrepreneurship and expansion. An opportunity to take a leap of faith or share a message with the masses might arrive without warning. Developments can involve travel, teaching or even going back to school. Cast a wide net between now and January 21, 2019, the date of the corresponding Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse. A seed of an idea could go viral, especially if it brings people together across “differences” or prompts them to view the world through a wider lens.

Key Dates:
August 10: Mercury-Jupiter square

It’s a confusing day, one in which the line between fact and opinion is blurry at best. You’re easily swept up in someone’s seductive sales pitch even though there’s nothing to back up those claims. With Mercury retrograde, be extra careful not to believe everything you hear. While you’re at it, don’t speak unless you’re 100 percent sure you know what you’re really talking about!

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 1, 6
Money Days: 12, 22
Luck Days: 11, 19
Off Days: 4, 9, 17

CAPRICORN (Makar) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

Stay centered, Capricorn. Your energy could come in waves this month, spiking to a high-pitched intensity one day and dropping into the depths the next. The Sun is taking its annual plunge in Leo and your eighth house of intimacy, merging and transformation, a time when you’ll crave more privacy and one-on-one encounters. Skip the huge crowds that make you feel overwhelmed. You’re an emotional sponge and could soak up everyone’s feelings; or you might just have your mind on one specific matter during this tunnel-vision transit, and it will be hard to engage in lighthearted small talk. With the Sun heating up your erotic eighth house, this could also be one steamy season—hello, sizzling summer escapades!

But be careful where you aim that concentrated Capricorn power, especially when the emotional thunderclouds gather. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Leo and this potent zone from July 26 to August 19, which notoriously mucks up communication, technology and travel plans. With Mercury awry in Leo, a problematic ex may resurface, along with some old trust issues or unhealed wounds from a past betrayal. You might be unsure of someone’s true motives and whether they’re being above-board with you.

The eighth house rules joint ventures and shared finances, so money matters could be lit up with both opportunities and complicated entanglements in August. While Mercury is retrograde, go easy on the spending, especially with your credit cards (lock them up—or cut ’em up—if you can!). Guard against identity theft by strengthening passwords and deleting anything in a social media feed or in your email that could potentially be compromising. Better safe than sorry. Watch where you send those racy texts and DMs—during Mercury retrograde, they could end up in the wrong person’s feed. Oops!

The fiercest day of the month arrives August 11, when a Leo solar (new moon) eclipse beams into your alchemical eighth house, bringing a supercharged fresh start to your most intimate ties and financial endeavors. You might receive a windfall through a loan, grant, commission or inheritance or have a chance to buy or sell property or renovate your home. An exciting opportunity to merge your powers for mutual gain may come out of the blue. The eclipse could also bring a soulmate encounter (with steamy benefits!) or unexpected news of a proposal or pregnancy (yours or someone close to you).

In astrology, solar and lunar eclipses are harbingers of change. They push us off the fence if we’ve been procrastinating or wishy-washy, and force events to culminate quickly. While that pace can be jarring, once the dust settles, everything starts to make sense. This is the second-to-last eclipse in a series that’s been touching down on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017, bringing waves of change to your self-confidence, work, money management, living situation and daily habits. One final eclipse will arrive here in January 2019. Anything you invest in at today’s eclipse could start to show returns—or at least let you know whether it will ever pay off—by early next year.

You’ll be glad to let the drama (hopefully) simmer down starting August 7, when combustible Uranus starts a five-month retrograde. Since May 15, Uranus has been in Taurus, causing sweeping change in your fifth house of passion, self-expression and theatrics. This is Uranus’ first visit here since 1942, a once-in-a-lifetime transit for many Capricorns that will last until April 2026. If your love life has suddenly become spicy—or wildly unpredictable—that’s the side-spinning planet playing the role of a quirky Cupid.

The first four months of Uranus’ retrograde could slow down some of the curveballs—or possibly bring the return of an ex, since retrogrades rule the past. You might also decide to get a little experimental in the boudoir or to date someone who’s a dramatically different “type” than the usual. Uranus in your spotlight-stealing fifth house may have brought fame or increased attention. Has it gone to your head a little bit? If you’ve been playing the diva role, Uranus retrograde will remind you to keep it humble. On the other hand, if you haven’t been speaking up for yourself and your ideas, you could work through old confidence issues, perhaps with some mentorship or training. Steady Capricorn, have you become a little fickle? Rambunctious Uranus can make you run hot and cold, so be mindful not to lead people on.

You’ll get another chance to self-assess starting August 12, when energizing Mars plows into Capricorn for its second visit this year (its first trip was from March 17 to May 16). While this would normally give you a jolt of inspiration and sexy magnetism, Mars will be retrograde until August 27, which could cause you to come on way too strong or hit a sour note with people. The silver lining: From August 27 to September 10, you’ll have Mars moving full steam ahead through your sign. Your confidence and charisma should rocket off the charts—and others will surely take note!

This will only accelerate starting August 23, when the Sun starts a month-long visit to Virgo and your expansive ninth house. Adventure, travel and endless possibilities spread out in front of you as you emerge from that emo cocoon. And when the Sun snaps into a rare and harmonious grand trine with radical Uranus in your passion sector and your ruling planet, structured Saturn, in Capricorn, some of those starry-eyed visions could turn into tangible reality. The caveat? You’ll need to ditch some (not all!) of your trademark caution to seize this moment. An opportunity for love, fame or a chance to spread a powerful message could arise. Make sure you’re at your glamorous and charismatic best! (Every Cap we know has secret “stage presence,” even if you only pull it out for select occasions.) You could multiply your fanbase and following…or follow your heart with a love affair, whether that’s a romantic adventure with your one-and-only or a far-flung fling with someone wildly different than your usual type.

The next day, August 26, the year’s only Pisces full moon spotlights your communication house, bringing exciting news or long-overdue dialogue. At last, you’ll get the answer you’ve been waiting for, and you can proceed accordingly instead of staying stuck in limbo. Local events could turn up kindred spirits and great conversations that lead to more. Hit the street fair or late summer festival or host a gathering at your favorite hotspot where you can play superconnector and introduce your savviest friends. Don’t be afraid to “go there” in your conversations—move beyond small talk and voice your opinions and ideas. When sizzling Mars ends its two-month retrograde on August 27 and speeds forward in Capricorn, there will be no holding you back!


Time to set some love #goals, Capricorn? On August 6, Venus pings into Libra and your tenth house of career and long-range planning for the first of two trips this year. You may get suddenly serious about the future, both in terms of your profession and your relationship. If you’re in one, you might find yourself initiating conversations that begin with, “So, I’ve been thinking about our holiday plans,” or “Next summer, I’d really like to…” Single? Stay open to people you meet at work or industry events. As long as you’re not breaking company policy, consider them fair game.

Keep in mind: Venus will be retrograde for its second trek through Libra, which is from October 31 to November 16. New relationships may hit a speed bump, or issues that you’re working on might take a sideways turn. Here’s where that famous Capricorn patience will come in very handy! An office romance could sour when Venus makes its U-turn later this year, so be very sure you’re both mature adults who will handle things with civility if things don’t work out.

With Mercury retrograde in Leo and your erotic eighth house until August 19, you might be tempted to hook up with an ex or go down a clandestine rabbit hole that’s a clear dead end. What do you really want out of this? Be sure you can answer that before you get entangled emotionally or sexually. For couples, this could be a powerful time to work through a thorny issue, perhaps with a therapist or healer to mediate. Money matters could be a source of tension, but the hidden blessing is that you’ll actually start talking about them—and all the embedded feelings of pain, shame or old baggage that might be underlying those power struggles. If you’re splitting up, you might need to have a painful conversation about how to divide up the shared property.

An especially potent day for building security and having a serious talk about the long term comes on August 7, when cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars form a rare, harmonious trine (120-degree angle). Attached? Do something luxe and upscale to celebrate your couplehood. Singles should raise your standards and keep the bar high. Skip the local dive bar and go somewhere you have to dress up. That alone could help you meet a successful someone who’s got their life together.

But careful where you cast your charms. Mars is retrograde from June 26 to August 27. It’s been back-pedaling through Aquarius and your zone of career and money, which may have ramped up work stress that cut into your relationship or given you a few waves of anxious insecurity. On August 12, it will back into Capricorn for the duration of the retrograde, which could leave you feeling intensely self-conscious. During this signal-scrambling transit, your message might be lost in translation. Rather than assume everyone knows what you’re saying, make a point of being simple and precise. As a backup, get assurances that people heard you loud and clear.

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

Second thoughts? Cautious Saturn slams the brakes on dreamy Venus, who might be getting a little carried away with romantic pipe dreams or plans for the future. Make sure you both want the same things for the long haul before you start picking baby names or china patterns.


Balance those books, Capricorn. This is one of your annual “money months,” as the Sun visits Leo and your eighth house of property, long-term wealth and shared assets. With an August 11 Leo solar eclipse shaking up business as usual, you might start looking at your personal financial model through a new lens over the next six months. An exciting opportunity to multiply your moolah could arrive unexpectedly—and you’ll need to adapt fast! Keep a keen eye on every transaction while Mercury is retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19, which can cause technological glitches, erroneous charges (read those monthly bank statements) and risks to sensitive data.

Another reason not to rush into anything? Hasty Mars is spinning backward for nearly the whole month, which could cause you to miscalculate. Mars has been retrograde in Aquarius and your money house since June 26, which may have heaped on some financial stress. While Mars won’t straighten out until August 27, it WILL leave your money sector on August 12, which could lift some of the tension around work, bills and budgets. Stressful assignments, unexpected expenses and demanding clients may have left you hustling through the summer, and at the same time, colleagues’ tempers could have been short.

You’ll be happy to see Mars go, but unfortunately it will back into YOUR sign for the duration of its retrograde, from August 12 to 27, joining structured Saturn and power-tripping Pluto, which are both retrograde in Capricorn. Whew! If you have any vacation days, take them now. Otherwise, keep a very low profile and work behind the scenes. This is an excellent time to finish a project you started a while back. But hold off on any splashy launches until next month if you can—when Saturn straightens out on September 6, your ideas will have velocity AND staying power.

Key Dates:
August 10: Mercury-Jupiter square

When supersizer Jupiter flashes its high beams at a retrograde Mercury, you or someone you work closely with may present an outsized dream but not have any idea how to pull it off. Nip it in the bud before you waste precious time, money or other resources trying to develop this. If anything, this is a good day to revisit an idea and see how much you can scale it BACK.

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 4, 9
Money Days: 15, 24
Luck Days: 12, 22
Off Days: 6, 11, 19

AQUARIUS (Kumbh) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

Summer has been a wild ride for many Water Bearers! Not only has energy planet Mars been retrograde in your sign since June 26, but you enter August in the torrid tailwind of the July 27 Aquarius total lunar (full moon) eclipse. On the one hand, the Mars slowdown prompts you to conserve your energy and do your work behind the scenes; to take a little escape from the go-go-go pace. But the eclipse may have pushed you out into the spotlight or given you the urge to take one of your passion projects public. As the new month starts, you may feel wired AND tired.

Even so, it’s been a fruitful time. Maybe you just had an epiphany or three about your identity or gotten a burst of clarity around what YOU want now. Have your goals changed, or are you finally feeling ready to pursue them with hard-core commitment? You’re not the same person you were a couple years ago, Aquarius, and there’s a reason for that. Since February 2017, a series of changemaking eclipses has been activating the Leo/Aquarius axis, bringing sweeping transformation to your personal mission, your sense of self and your closest relationships. You may have radically altered your appearance, lifestyle, friendships or approach to life—and as a result, the people around you have been either forced to adapt or drifted away, making space for new, more compatible alliances. Balancing “me” and “we” has been a huge theme this year, compounded by the fact that 2018 is an 11/2 “Universal Year” in numerology, a cycle that’s all about creating partnerships in which you don’t lose yourself.

This month will bring the second-to-last eclipse in this series, a Leo solar (new moon) eclipse on August 11 that sweeps into your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. A brand-new chance to join forces could arrive unexpectedly, or you could meet someone who feels like your “other half”—for romance, friendship or business. Things could solidify quickly between now and the January 21 Leo lunar eclipse, which will be the final one in this cycle. With the energizing Sun in Leo until August 23, August is a powerful time to boost your bonds and team up FTW.

But don’t rush into anything TOO permanent, Aquarius, whether it’s an engagement, a work contract or even a project that you don’t understand the full scope of yet. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde in Leo and your interpersonal seventh house from July 26 until August 19. If details are fuzzy or you’re not 100 percent sure if a romantic connection is stable, take your time. Astrologers caution against signing any binding deals or documents during Mercury retrograde, since important intel can slip through the cracks. When in doubt, wait it out!

But that won’t stop you from wanting to move fast. Even in pop culture, this has been the summer of speedy engagements (cue singers Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber). But you could get a deep case of buyer’s remorse thanks to Mercury’s mayhem.

Don’t try to force anything now; if an arrangement falls apart, you’ll see the hidden blessing soon enough. Mercury retrograde will end on August 19, helping you make more cogent decisions. Fire-starter Mars will be back for a second, retrograde-free trip through your sign from September 10 to November 15, a time when you’ll really savor your independence. All the more reason not to lock yourself into irrevocable obligations—you could end up feeling trapped! By October, stalled plans will pick up, and exciting opportunities (that’ll be worth the wait) will flow in.

In the meantime, take inventory of your relationships and maybe do some repair work on your closest ties. On August 7, your co-ruler, innovator Uranus, will start its annual five-month retrograde and reduce your impulsivity or anxiety. This will give you a chance to prepare for Uranus’ move into Taurus and your fourth house of home, family and roots, which began on May 15 and will continue until April 2026. Uranus hasn’t been in this sign since 1942, so for many Aquarians, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to revamp everything from your living situation to your family dynamics.

Uranus is in “fall” in Taurus, meaning it’s in its least comfortable position since it’s the planet of change and Taurus is all about stability. During the retrograde, you might renovate, ponder a move or hit the brakes on too-hasty plans to relocate. Your relationship with your mother, a child or a female relative may go through “growing pains” and destabilize. Watch your own fluctuating moods, which can swing all over the map. Tension could reach a boiling point under your roof. Think twice before offering to host demanding guests or even conflict between feuding roommates or relatives.

On August 12, Mars exits your sign and retrogrades back into Capricorn for the duration of its backspin, activating your twelfth house of closure, healing and rest. Conserve your energy and do some forgiveness work if you’re holding in anger and resentment. Instead of obsessing over a situation from the past that can’t be changed, courageously find the lesson in that painful situation so you don’t repeat this scenario.

The introspection continues when el Sol enters Virgo and your intimate eighth house for a month on August 23. When the Sun locks into a rare grand trine with your co-rulers, structured Saturn and unconventional Uranus, you could have a massive breakthrough on a long-standing emotional or financial block. You might come up with a brilliant plan for paying down debt or earning passive income. A nurturing relative could be your fairy godparent, showering you with support and possibly a gift of money or property. If you’re looking to make an investment or to buy or sell a home, this grand trine could catalyze your cause. It can also trigger a spiritual experience in which you have a near-psychic download or a dream that’s too vivid to ignore.

The month ends with some steadying beams from the year’s only Pisces full moon, which will illuminate your second house of work, money and security on August 26. This grounding day can help you make a practical plan or start building one of your big ideas into something tangible. An exciting money-making may could arrive. With Mars motoring into full-power mode the next day, things will start to pick up even more speed. One of your creative or “out there” ideas might turn out to be the perfect solution!


Cast a wide net in love, Aquarius. On August 6, romantic Venus enters Libra and your expansive ninth house, helping you see everything through an optimistic lens. With the celestial siren in your travel zone, a vacation could yield an unexpected summer romance or hit the reset button on your outlook on life (and your S.O.).

But note that Mercury, the ruler of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde in Leo and your partnership zone until August 19. Don’t confuse a fling with the real thing. Trying to “import” your mad love from Milan or fantasy lover from Fiji could get lost in translation. Perhaps it’s just a cherished memory to savor rather than a reason to WhatsApp into the wee hours?

During Mercury retrograde, an ex could resurface, or you might have second thoughts about your current connection, especially since misunderstandings can run rampant. The August 11 Leo solar eclipse can bring a surprising resolution—or a completely new LTR option that you didn’t see coming!

Hopefully this rosy-hued Venus transit can offset the Mercury mania—along with the intensity you’ve been harboring since June 26, when the other love planet, Mars, turned retrograde in YOUR sign, ramping up stress and anxiety. Maybe you stuffed down some frustration or had no outlet for your racing thoughts, which caused you to pick fights or obsess.

Mars will remain in this low-power position until August 27, but it will back out of your sign on August 12, slipping into your twelfth house of fantasy and illusion. You might fall hard for someone who’s not entirely available or is hard to pin down. If you’re still smarting from the residual pain of a breakup, now is the time to courageously deal and heal.

A bright moment arrives on August 7, when Venus and Mars meet in a golden trine, giving you a surge of confidence and helping you see a spectrum of possibilities. The love planets are syncing up in your most independent and expansive zones, so if anything, this meetup could remind you of your own awesomeness. You don’t need an “other half” to be happy, Aquarius. YOU are where the party is—and anyone who wants to get on your team had better recognize it.

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

Tap the brakes! This reality-checking square forces you to examine your relationship behavior. Are you being level-headed, or are you getting swept away in a fantasy about someone who’s NOT all that? If you’ve leapt into an exciting but risky romance without looking, today’s stars can bring you down to earth.


Running low on steam? You’ll need to pace yourself this month. Energy planet Mars is in a low-power retrograde from June 26 to August 27, and it’s reversing through Aquarius until August 12. This summer, you may have felt excited about a big idea, but when it came time to execute or take action, you just didn’t have the fuel in your tank. That’s okay: Keep developing your plans under the radar or exploring your options. And rest! When Mars slips into Capricorn and your sleepy twelfth house on August 12, take some vacation days or use the time for soul searching and creative visualization—or just to process all the rapid change 2018 has brought. With your subconscious activated, your dreams can be a rich source of guidance.

If you feel guilty about dialing down the pace, here’s some perspective: From September 10 to November 15, Mars will return for a second, retrograde-free trip to Aquarius and charge your batteries fully. There will be no holding you back at that point!

In the meantime, lean on other people. The Sun is in Leo and your interpersonal seventh house until August 23, then it moves into Virgo and your eighth house of joint ventures, investments and long-term finances. It’s a great time to delegate, team up and look for ways that you can merge your superpowers for mutual gain. The August 11 Leo solar eclipse could bring an amazing contract or an invitation to join forces; but conduct your due diligence, since Mercury is retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19. You could misconstrue someone’s casual interest for a legitimate offer, or you might feel pressured to sign on the dotted line before the whole concept has been presented to you.

The August 26 Pisces full moon can help you find the right questions to ask as it illuminates your second house of security, money and values. What do YOU need to feel good about moving forward? Even a promotion or pay bump isn’t worth it if it’s not aligned with your most cherished ideals.

Key Dates:
August 19: Jupiter-Neptune trine

Not everyone is exclusively focused on the bottom line, as the third in a trio of rare and empowering trines shows. (The first was December 2017; the second was May 25.) You are living proof that compassion and leadership CAN go hand in hand. By acting from the heart, you’ll attract appropriate people to join your team. And even if no one does, keep on fighting the good fight!

All your must-know career dates

Love Days: 6, 11
Money Days: 17, 26
Luck Days: 15, 24
Off Days: 9, 12, 22

PISCES (Meen) – AUGUST 2018 Predictions

Cleanup in Aisle Pisces! The August starscape is about pulling your act together and corralling all the scattered bits-n-bobs of your life. With the Sun in Leo and your organized, health-conscious sixth house until August 23, you might finally get the motivation to make concrete personal improvements. From joining a gym to hiring help to booking appointments, the only way through it is to do it.

But keep your plans simple, because you WILL be swimming upstream a bit. Throughout August, you’ll feel the counterforces of six retrograde planets: mindful Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune (your ruler), Uranus and Pluto. Because of their sluggish energy, you’re not getting those vitality refills that you could really use right now.

The chief culprit is action planet Mars, which has been retrograde in Aquarius and your sleepy, subconscious twelfth house since June 26. You may be handling a lot of old emotional baggage or struggling with burnout. On the upside, it’s been a rich time for spiritual epiphanies, creativity and forgiveness work since the imaginative twelfth house is the dreamy domain ruled by your sign. One Pisces friend reported “losing track of linear time” all summer yet having some wild dreams and even psychic visions. But productivity hasn’t exactly been at its highest as Mars here pulled your sign into old addictive patterns, including the urge for escapism.

Mars will remain retrograde until August 27, but on August 11 it will dip back into Capricorn and your eleventh house of groups. It’s a great time to reunite with inspiring old friends, especially ones who can help you snap out of a self-sabotaging or codependent funk. Just pace yourself until Mars resumes forward motion at the end of the month because too many social demands could leave you overwhelmed. You might also plug back into a humanitarian or social cause that you fiercely believe in and become an outspoken advocate. You may want to wait until Mars goes direct to really come out with your message, though, as it will be better received then.

In the meantime, keep busy (or distract yourself from temptation) by finishing up all those boring-but-essential tasks: paint the kitchen, get your accountant the quarterly tax documents, interview a babysitter for the fall. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde in Leo and your orderly sixth house until August 19. This is a classic time of confusion and chaos, especially around information, and with Mercury awry in this precision-oriented part of your chart, it will be easy for wires to get crossed.

Load up on immune-boosting foods and supplements since Mercury retrograde here can make you susceptible to a late-summer cold or virus, especially if you’re overwhelmed by stress. The sixth house rules gut health, so if you’re not feeling your finest, check for food allergies or consider doing a (supervised) cleanse.

On August 11, a solar (new moon) eclipse lands in Leo, which could bring an a-ha moment about the way you’re running your life. This is the second-to-last eclipse in a series that’s been landing on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017, recalibrating your approach specifically to health and healing, work, stress management and control-versus-surrender. You’ve been learning (intensely!) when to lean in and when to let go, and it’s been a wild ride at times.

This eclipse could give you a burst of motivation to start a new eating regimen or exercise routine, or it could uncover any medical mysteries that have befuddled you, perhaps through an amazing new doctor, healer or naturopath. If you’ve been looking to hire service providers or specialists, you could meet the righthand person of your dreams. You might also get a moment of sharp clarity around your master plans, which will help you (finally!) make an important decision. Events will unfold between now and the January 21, 2019, Leo full moon—a total lunar eclipse that will complete this two-year eclipse cycle with a dramatic flourish.

A few days prior, on August 7, changemaker Uranus will start its annual five-month retrograde backspin, which might actually be a relief. Uranus is known for throwing curveballs and triggering sudden shifts, and you’ve been feeling those in new areas ever since Uranus entered Taurus for an eight-year journey—its first visit here since 1942!

Uranus is in “fall” in Taurus since it’s the planet of change and Taurus rules stability. For you, Taurus rules your third house of communication, neighborhoods and ideas. You may have radically shifted your attitude about something, made a few innovative new friends or started scouting out different areas to live. But processing all of this may have further thrown you off, and you may feel overwhelmed by all the new information you’ve been absorbing.

In November, Uranus will dip back into Aries and your second house of work and money for a final visit, not to return until the 22nd century! From November to January, your cash flow could be a bit erratic, so build up a “cushion” now if you can. On the upside, this backspin can give you time to integrate all those changes. A writing, media or teaching project that was sparked by this transit could now get your focused attention.

Leaning on your steady supporters will be oh-so anchoring, and you can do that starting August 23, when the Sun settles into Virgo and your seventh house of partnerships for a month. Concentrate your energy on your tried-and-true peeps, and team up for the win. With Mercury retrograde now in the rearview, you’ve got the green light to sign contracts, solidify a business alliance or make a clear(er) decision about a romantic relationship.

One of the best “people” days of the year is August 25, when the Sun forms an auspicious grand trine with structured Saturn and innovative Uranus, which are in the most friendly and communal zones of your chart. A casual acquaintance could turn into a serious contender for love, a work partnership or a blissful new bond. This day might bring a real meeting of the minds with some legit kindred spirits. Perfect strangers can feel like people you’ve known for lifetimes (maybe you have…?). Attend a gathering or host a party and adopt a “more the merrier” approach.

The next day, August 26, brings it all on home as the year’s only Pisces full moon beams into your sign, giving you a surge of confidence and charisma. Finally, you feel ready to make an important decision and act on it. The spotlight might also seek you out, or you could have a chance to advocate for something you passionately believe in. With Mars ending its retrograde the next day, your fires will be relit. Speak up and let the world hear you roar!


Sizzling summer: incoming! On August 6, romantic Venus will plunge into Libra, turning up the intensity in your erotic eighth house. You’ll always take more seduction and intrigue in your life, and vixen Venus delivers. Couples should slip away for some private time and make it a priority to reconnect on a mind-body-soul level. No matter what your relationship status, Venus helps you reclaim a sense of inside-out beauty, and your magnetism will be palpable!

Just make sure you aim it in the right direction. Sultry Mars is retrograde from June 26 until August 27, a tricky time for making clear decisions about love. With the fiery-tempered red planet gone rogue, everyone is feeling intensely reactive and acting on impulse. You could find yourself fighting over the same old issues or getting hooked on a troubled-but-tantalizing person. Uncertainty could flare: Is this person trustworthy, or is something shady going on? If you’ve been struggling to let go of an ex, this cycle could push you to do the necessary work. For happily coupled Fish, this is a time to lean heavily on your mate for support now.

Until August 12, Mars is retrograde in Aquarius and your twelfth house of fantasy and illusion, which can lead to obsessing over an unavailable person or casting a completely unrealistic projection onto the object of your lust. When Venus and Mars sync up in a fast-moving trine on August 7, you could have one of the sexiest and most fantasy-fueled days of the year. Will it be with the “right” person? That remains to be seen—but you’ll be so far gone, you won’t listen to a word of your friends’ advice anyway…so, um, might as well enjoy it?

With Venus in your play-for-keeps eighth house, you might decide to make things official with someone who totally sweeps you away. Fair warning: Venus will make a second trip through Libra from October 31 to November 16, when she will be in a tricky retrograde backspin that starts October 5. Trust issues could emerge, or you may have second thoughts after getting completely consumed by a love affair. (Pisces Justin Bieber, we’re looking at you and your PDA-heavy sessions that led to an engagement after a month of dating.) Take your time making things permanent—you’ll want to make sure the attraction survives both of the love planets’ retrogrades.

You might get a little more perspective after August 12, when Mars dips back into Capricorn and your objective eleventh house, helping you assess a situation with a little more emotional distance.

Key Dates:
August 9: Venus-Saturn square

It’ll be hard to know what someone else is thinking today—and next to impossible to get an accurate read on what they’re FEELING. As a result, part of you may try to get closer, but when you don’t get any positive feedback, you could retreat into your cave. There’s no analyzing this one. Just sit with your feelings and intuition and trust what comes.


Life might feel like an episode of The Office this month: Cubicle walls, paperwork, endless emails…anyone need another cup of coffee? As the Leo Sun heats up your sixth house of administrative tasks, systems and daily work, there’s no getting around those unsexy to-do list items. Might as well dive in and enjoy the relief of a clean, uncluttered schedule and space as your reward.

With energizer Mars in low-power retrograde mode through August 27—and in your foggy twelfth house until August 11—you won’t have the energy to tackle any huge undertakings. It’s a fruitful time for creative visualization, soul-searching and investigating new ideas for what you could do next. On top of that, Mercury, the ruler of communication and technology, is retrograde until August 19, which could make it challenging to stay on top of all the details or get a clear answer out of anyone. If you’re looking for new electronics or office equipment, research the options but wait to buy until after the retrograde—or at least spring for the full warranty.

With an August 11 Leo solar eclipse spicing things up, there could be some intriguing workplace drama, like changing staff, new policies or even a stimulating new project. This is a great day to interview someone or test-launch a new project-management system. But hold off on making things official until Mercury goes direct (forward) August 19.

An awesome day to network arrives at the August 25 Sun-Saturn-Uranus grand trine, which gives you confidence and clout, helping you present yourself as an authority figure and a thought leader. Your message could get out to the masses in a big way, especially if it has a humanitarian or progressive twist. The next day’s Pisces full moon takes that even further, helping you get clear about your mission in the world and how you can use it to better people’s lives.

Key Dates:
August 10: Mercury-Jupiter square

Details could be your undoing today, as a backward-spinning Mercury in your organized sixth house gets whacked by expansive Jupiter in your “more is more” zone. Trying to go too big or too fast will backfire, so slow everyone down and insist that things be rock-solid before you move forward. Frustrating, sure. But this will save massive migraines in the future!

Love Days: 9, 12
Money Days: 19, 1
Luck Days: 17, 26
Off Days: 11, 15

Days of caution on financial matters: 19-May, 20-May, 23-May, 24-May